This is the second part out of a five-part story series showing how important karmic and ancestral clearing is.

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Part 2: The First Two Years

The house was now in the hands of their ten friends.

All ten promised to keep the house immaculate.

For the first two years looking after the house, they obeyed their promise and kept the house in great shape.

They played with all the animals and washed the flowers daily, they vacuumed and cleaned the house whenever there was the slightest mess.


The next year, they slacked off.

Since they’ve been here for 2 long years, they unanimously agreed something had happened to the owners.

They concluded the owners were never returning.

Their regards for the house gradually declined and the house was very rarely getting cleaned.

Day by day, the mess gradually built up and stained.

Slowly, they stopped cleaning the house.

One day, they received a call from the owners of the house. The owners told them one of their sons was going to come back to check the house in two weeks.

All ten friends promised each other they would eventually clean up the house before the son comes back.

Each day, they kept procrastinating and forgetting about the mess.

One day, they got bored being alone and wanted to have a lot more fun, so they decided to throw a massive party.

What Happens At The Party?

Find out in Chapter 3!

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