Over this blog series, we’ve been writing a 5 part story series to show you how important it is to clear your karma. Let’s learn from the stories about clearing your Karmic and Ancestral.

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In Part 2, we discussed how the ten friends took great care of the house for the first couple years but, slowly, they started procrastinating and leaving mess all over the floor and garden.

At the end of the chapter, they decided to throw a party.

Part 3: The Massive Party

The party was scheduled for 5.00pm. The ten friends bought a lot of alcohol and drugs for the party.

At 5.00pm, 500 people had arrived at the house. Each minute, more and more people arrived.

Eventually, 2000 people were at the house.

Everyone started drinking, smoking, and having sex in the house. Then they were at the party enjoying themselves so much.

The next morning, no one wanted to leave, so they stayed put without permission.

They constantly started drinking and smoking drugs.

Each day, everyone at the house became more violent and crazy, they even started messing up the trees and flowers.

One week after the party, the son had arrived.

He was in so much shock and couldn’t believe the ten friends let this happen. He immediately went up to them and said they have to leave right away.

All 10 got furious and beat him up severely. They got him in front of everyone at the house and told them bad things about him.

Everyone started shouting, “kill him, kill him!”

So, the ten friends nailed him onto the wall and started torturing him.

Eventually, he died a horrible death, and so after the death of the son, the house became a total chaos.

Everyone started killing each other and war broke out.

Everyone got guns and started shooting each other. There were even young kids who went to the house who were getting tortured and killed for fun.

All the animals started getting tortured, and all the nature slowly got destroyed.

The house turned into a place of witchcraft and sorcery and even child sacrifices.

The house became chaos.

The house never looked like improving or getting better, so it just got worse each day.

Soon, the owners found out about the death of their son.

What Did The Owners Do?

Find out in Part 4 (Link to part 4)!

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