Over this blog series, we’ve written 3 parts of a 5 part story series on how important it is to clear your karma. Let’s learn more stories about it and know how important it is to clear your karma.

If you haven’t read the other 4 parts, it’s important you do before reading this.

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Part 4: The Owners’ Return

The mother and father heard about the death of their son and how terrible the state of the house had become, so they decided to go back to make things right again.

The death of their son made them really upset, traumatic, and furious. They decided to go to the house to punish the ten friends who they lent their house to.

The mother and father caught the first plane back to their home town, but as soon as they arrived at the house, it was total chaos.

It had only gotten worse since the death of their son.

Women were getting raped, children were being sacrificed and tortured, all the animals were slowly becoming extinct.

There was no more flowers or trees, not even green grass.

Most of the house was graffitied, blood was covered everywhere, because everyone became selfish and ego-driven.

They all wanted to rule the house.

The owners saw this and were so horrified and disappointed, and knew there was no way of stopping them apart from completely erasing everything.

So they decided the only way to claim back their house was to start from scratch again.

They decided to blow up the house.

Without anyone noticing, they placed a bomb in the water to create a massive flood to destroy the house and everyone in it.

They made sure they had enough time to leave the house, so they set a 7 day timer.

As soon as the bomb was planted in the water, they immediately left and went back with their two other children.

7 days later, the timer went off, and caused a huge flood which washed out the whole house as well as everyone in it.

Everyone in the house physically died, but their soul was alive and trapped in the spirit place called “purgatory”.

3 days later, the owners blueprinted the house again for the rebuild.

Once the house was rebuilt, the owners and the two children lived in it and found it really hard to trust anyone with the house.

What Lessons Did Everyone Learn?

Find out in Part 5 (Link for part 5)!

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