Over this blog series, we’ve written a 5 part story series around karma.

This is the last part of the 5 part story series. Here are more of the story series around karma clearing.

If you haven’t read the last 4 parts, it’s important to do so.

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In Part 4, we discussed how the house got so bad, the owners had to completely wipe it out and rebuild it from scratch!

In this concluding story, we’ll discuss the consequences everyone in the house got.

Part 5: The Consequences

After the wipe-out of the house, everyone who was involved got their soul put in a dungeon called “purgatory”.

They were sentenced to stay there for 25 years. The dungeon was completely empty, abandoned and very dark. They couldn’t see anything!

All of them were begging to come out and make things right. However the people running the dungeons told them they had to wait until their 25 years was finished.

Everything strongly regretted ruining the house.

After 25 years, they all came out of the dungeon and begged for forgiveness.

Everyone involved in the dungeons didn’t listen and told them they wouldn’t forgive them unless they made it right.

Everyone in the house asked what they could do to make it right again.

The people running the dungeon told them they had to go back to the country and make it right and accept anything bad that comes their way.

Hesitantly, everyone agreed, so they all got sent back to the country to make things right.

Throughout their whole life, they were getting badly mistreated, swindled in business, not attracting the right partner, etc.

Since their memory got wiped, a lot of them thought it was all misfortune, so they went on with life and kept blaming everyone around them for their tragedies and never ended up sorting their karma!

So they died a horrible death by getting tortured, raped or brutally killed.

Only a few of them died peacefully.

There were only two of them who worked out it was due to karma. Since they knew this, they went on the clear their karma which made their lives all sorted out and they started attracting positive things their way!

Once they cleared this, they never had to come back to the country unless they chose to.

The End!

We hope you enjoyed our 5 part story series around karma.

Thanks for reading! 😊

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