To attract optimum health and vitality, it’s not only important to eat, drink and exercise consistently … but also to change your mindset and beliefs. And there’s no better way to shift your mindset than to speak health affirmations over yourself.

So … let’s get into it.

What Are Health Affirmations?

In simple terms, health affirmations are the words you speak over yourself. One who studies universal laws would know words have the power of life and death. Meaning, what you say aloud (or even think) can dictate the events which occur in your life. This is one of the first principles of manifestation.

Each sound, word and number conveys a frequency … and when you say it out loud, you’re essentially bringing it to life. Therefore, if you retort something such as, “I’m always feeling tired and stressed,” you’ve pretty much instilled into your subconscious mind you’re always feeling tired and stressed. In turn, your reality will respond accordingly.

Make sense? I trust you understand. Moving forward …

Law of Attraction health affirmations are powerful words you can proclaim to the universe. They’re designed to boost your energy, mind and spirit and more importantly achieve optimum health.

In a sense, health affirmations incorporate the placebo effect and shifts your mindset and thought patterns into seeing perfect health. Hence, when you feel mentally and emotionally better, this in turn will lead to immaculate health.

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What Are the Benefits Of Law of Attraction Health Affirmations?

I can’t begin to state just how many benefits there are in utilizing the Law of Attraction health affirmations. However, I’ll show you a few to convince you into using them as frequently as possible.

1. They help you overcome self-sabotage and negative thinking

In one way or another, everyone is guilty of self-sabotage. Therefore, like any challenge, it’s important to overcome these overbearing thoughts and emotions. Using health affirmations is a great start as it instills positivity and optimism into your subconscious.

2. It’s a good means of discipline

In the same way one commits to a diet or exercise routine for immaculate physical health … health affirmations are a good means of discipline for your mental and emotional health. By practising this regularly, you’ll notice your desires transpire into reality.

3. They reduce your stress

By becoming clear on your health desires, this’ll not make you feel better … but also strongly diminish your stress levels! Most people struggle with anxiety or stress, however when you start speaking positive statements over yourself … you’ll notice your stress levels significantly reduce.

Law of Attraction Health Affirmations

health affirmations

Now … let’s get into 25 Law of Attraction health affirmations you can use to boost your health and vitality. Keep in mind, these are only affirmations I have created, and there’s nothing stopping you from making your own ones! Nevertheless, let’s continue:

  • Each and every day, I am feeling better and better

  • I am filled with vitality, energy and positivity

  • My health improves as each second ticks

  • I am loved

  • Every time stress or anxiety evokes into me, it is instantly washed away

  • I am already in perfect health, and I take this challenge as a sign of weakness somewhere in my life

  • The universe is filling me with lots of joy and gladness

  • I am blessed with happiness and abundance

  • Every challenge in my life is easily overcome and conquered

  • I am healed and rejuvenated

  • My mind is filled with ease and clarity

  • I am healthy and getting even healthier as each minute goes by

  • Negativity cannot control me … for my love and health prevails

  • I am restored and renewed

  • Whenever challenges arise, I conquer them and come out even stronger

  • I am whole and perfect

  • The light within me is stronger than the dark

  • Whenever there’s darkness in my life, I see it as the beginning of a new dawn

  • I am filled with vitality and youthfulness

  • My body if full of life force, energy and creation

  • Each cell in my body is nourished with happiness, cleanliness and purity

  • I make the right choices and decisions at the right time

  • My spirit and outlook attracts positivity into my life with ease

  • Everything that happens to me, good or bad, happens at a Divine right timing

  • Perfect health comes easy to me with every action I take

How Often Should You Use These Law of Attraction Health Affirmations

Honestly, the more you use it … the better. Although everyone is different and some may find it more effective by using it less. The general rule is you should speak positive statements in the morning, evening and before you go to bed … or whenever you feel down. You’ll get a sense when to do it.

My recommendation is to do it daily. Atleast once a day. If you can, I recommend you do it when you wake up, in the afternoon and before you go to bed. However, if you feel to do more, I encourage you to do so.

How To Use Affirmations

Using health affirmations is a simple process. Allow me to elaborate. There are a few methods you can use …

1. Say It Out Loud

The first option is to speak it aloud. When you have a list of affirmations you desire to use, speak them out loud as this brings life to the words, and in turn will leave you feeling more optimistic.

2. Meditate On Them

The second option is to relax and embrace the vibrations of the affirmations. To do this, relax, breathe and picture yourself having immaculate health. What this does is it creates an image in your subconscious mind of you presently having perfect health. In turn, when you feel yourself having amazing health in the present, it will manifest into your life.

3. Write Them Down

The third option is to write affirmations on a notepad or sticky notes around your house/room. Then, you can either allow them to infuse into you or you can read them out whenever you feel like it.


To attract optimum health and vitality, it’s not only important to eat, drink and exercise consistently … but also to change your mindset and beliefs. And there’s no better way to shift your mindset than to speak health affirmations over yourself.

Law of Attraction health affirmations help you gain perfect health because every word, sound and number conveys a vibration. Whenever you speak something out loud, you give that power over your life. For example, if you say something such as, “I am always feeling stressed and tired,” you’re essentially told your subconscious mind you’re never energized and happy.

Therefore, utilizing health affirmations can significantly boost your energy, mind and spirit and more importantly achieve optimum health.

The more often you do it, the better. However, as a general rule you should do it in the morning, afternoon and at night for the best results. If you get a sense to perform it more than 3 times a day, by all means go ahead!

You’ll start noticing your mental and emotional state improve if you continuously incorporate health affirmations as a regular practice in your life. In turn, this will significantly improve your physical health.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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