In this article, we will be discussing about the first master life path.

If you added up all your numbers in your birthday, and ended on 11, this article is for you!

If you’re not a life path 11, it’s still good to read this to learn more about people who have this life path (in case it’s your child’s, partner’s or you’re just fascinated in numerology like us 😉).

Life Path 11 Characteristics

Life Path 11’s are known as the “Inspired Healers”.

They have a big desire in their hearts to create bizarre and miraculous works which will heal the world!

Their characteristics are very similar to Life Path 2’s but magnified.

They have very sensitive, loving and understanding souls towards other human beings!

Life path 11s are the most intuitive out of all the other numbers.

They can easily determine when something’s not right and when someone isn’t telling the truth.

With their brilliant intuition, they can read people very accurately.

For example:

They can easily see how someone’s relationships and health life is going without being told anything about it!

When they’re in their true soul and living their purpose, they are very inspiring, optimistic, creative, and idealistic.

By nature, they are visionaries and can see the big picture very easily.

They naturally have lots of gifts and need to make sure their ego doesn’t get the better of them.

Life Path 11’s always finish what they start and are very loyal souls.

You are natural empaths are really care for everyone around you. This is why you love working around people and always make sure you help them in some way.

Life path 11s naturally don’t care about their own personal gain and material success … and only love seeing the planet evolve, heal and get better!

Life Path 11 Soul Purpose

Life Path 11’s are on this earth the make a positive impact for the greater good.

You are on this earth to first work through your intense emotions such as anxiety, fear, and wounds you may still be carrying from the past and other lifetimes.

Once you fully release these emotions, your love and light becomes greater!

Their Soul Purpose is to bring love, balance and harmony to the world through great works they create.

You are here to bring peace in a big way through your healing, creativity and love for the planet.

Since you love bringing harmony and love to the world, your true soul wants to be in a career which allows you to express your love and creativity openly.

This is why you make great careers in spiritual healers, psychics, inspirational writers, speakers, musicians, lightworkers, etc.

Your mission is to inspire others and bring cooperation in the planet whether you do it through speaking, dancing, acting, writing, singing, etc.

In Conclusion

Life path 11s are known as the “Inspired Healers”.

They are the first of 3 master numbers.

They have very similar qualities to Life Path 2’s, but magnified.

Out of all the numbers, they are the most intuitive and can easily beyond people’s words.

They are naturally very good healers and are very creative!

By nature, they don’t care about their own personal gain and material success as their soul only cares about the improvement and evolvement of the planet.

They have a deep love for the world and everyone in it which they’ll do anything to help and heal the world.

This is why they make great careers in spiritual healers, lightworkers, inspirational speakers, musicians, writers, etc.

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