In this article, we will be discussing about the second master life path.

If you added up all your numbers in your birthday, and ended on 22, this article is for you!

If you’re not a Life Path 22, it’s still good to read this to learn more about people who have this life path (in case it’s your child’s, partner’s or you’re just fascinated in numerology like us 😉).

Life Path 22 Characteristics

Life Path 22’s are known as the “Master Builders”.

They contain very similar qualities to life path 4, but magnified.

They naturally have the gift of being a brilliant teacher since they’re hard-working, dependable, trustworthy and patient!

These people are very productive and always get the job done when needed!

They have been naturally gifted with great spiritual understanding and knowledge and know how to apply it in a practical way!

They have an extraordinary ability to turn manifested ideas into reality which is why they are known as the “Master Builders”.

Life Path 22’s are very practical and love to serve humanity in massive ways!

They do this by creating brilliant works which make life easier for everyone in the planet! This is whether it’s through building a communication system, new revolutionary product, etc.

Life path 22s are naturally brilliant in business, politics and have a natural understanding of big institutions.

When they’re in their true soul, they have big dreams and know exactly how to achieve it!

They do this through their amazing practical abilities to build big works!

Life Path 22’s also have a very big ambition in their souls and have a massive desire to change the world in a positive way!

You are naturally unconventional in your thoughts and actions which is why you always would’ve felt like you didn’t belong here as a child.

Life Path 22 Soul Purpose

Life Path 22’s are on this planet with a big calling!

They are here to use their massive ambition and drive to make the world a better place whether it’s through a cause or product.

They are here to build something which will help people’s lives on a day-to-day basis in a practical and tangible way.

Life Path 22’s may also have a path in being an inspirational and master teacher, whether it’s teaching spirituality, music, how to build great works, etc.

They must also learn to harness their amazing gifts because sometimes they feel overwhelmed by it. They are here on this earth to overcome that fear and lack of faith in themselves and others.

The careers which are suitable for their love for building and teaching are engineering, business owners, public speakers, career in politics, etc.

In Conclusion

Life Path 22’s are known as the “Master Builders”.

They naturally have many gifts which can change the world in a big way!

They have many of the same qualities as Life Path 4, but magnified.

They must learn to overcome to fear and not be overwhelmed by all their gifts and natural abilities.

By nature, they have a brilliant understanding of spiritual knowledge and have the ability to apply it in a practical way!

Life Path 22’s have a massive desire and ambition in their hearts to help change people’s lives on a day-to-day basis in a practical and tangible way.

This is why they make great careers owning businesses, becoming public speakers, politicians, builders of big works, etc.

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