In this article, we’ll be discussing about Life Path 6’s.

If you added up all your numbers in your birthday, and ended on 6, this article is for you!

If you’re not a Life Path 6, it’s still good to read this to learn more about people who have this life path (in case this is your child’s, partner’s or you’re just fascinated in numerology like us 😉).

Life Path 6 Characteristics

Life Path 6’s are known as the “Nurturers”.

They truly love everyone and nurture them from the heart. They are lovers of beauty and art.

They are very family-oriented and caring.

The number 6 represents idealism, sympathy, unselfishness and harmony.


Life Path 6’s are very loving and work from the heart, and this is what makes them very unselfish.

Most of them are very social people since they love to interact with other people’s energies.

Life Path 6’s tend to attract money quite easily since they’re naturally entrepreneurial.

They all have a very sensitive soul which is why they’ve learned how to express their emotions and feel deeply.

Their pleasure comes from other people which is why they love helping others.

For Life Path 6’s, living a happy and peaceful life is more important than success.

They need loving people around them.

They can’t survive without love, affection and warmth.

Life Path 6 – Soul Purpose

Life Path 6’s Soul Purpose is to teach, heal or somehow help others.

They also love to be their own boss, which is why they are naturally great entrepreneurs!

If business doesn’t resonate for a Life Path 6, they love to serve others in nurturing ways, so they’ll often pursue careers such as becoming philosophers, teachers, ministers, counsellors, etc.

Other common occupations for Life Path 6’s are doctors, therapists, social workers or osteopaths.

Since Life Path 6’s are naturally creative because of their strong creative energy, many of them even have a deep desire to paint, decorate or play music!

They were put on this earth to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others and visionary pursuits!

In Conclusion

Life Path 6’s are known as the “Nurturers”.

This is because they are very loving and nurturing people.

They are sympathetic and very family-oriented!

They have a very sensitive soul.

They are naturally entrepreneurial, which is why they subconsciously know how to attract money to themselves.

Their pleasure comes from other people, which is why they love helping others.

Life Path 6’s can’t cope without being loved because to them, living a happy and peaceful life is more important than success.

Life Path 6’s are happiest when they’re serving other people which is why they usually become philosophers, teachers, ministers, historians, writers, doctors, therapists, social workers or osteopaths.

They also have a deep desire in their hearts to paint, sing, draw, write or anything creative!

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