What Is A Life Path Number?

Everyone has a life path number.

When you add up all the numbers from your birthday, you end up with a certain number.

The life path number represents who you are and gives insight into what your life mission is!

When you get into a job or commitment that doesn’t align with your number, you’ll find you become unhappy very quickly!

Of course, it won’t describe your personality 100% accurately because you have other factors included such as your birth time, birth place, other numbers in your birthday, numbers in your name and so on.

But the life path number gives you a very good overview on your personality and soul mission!

As a child:

Your personality tends to be based around your day force number, and as you grow older, you step more into your life path.

There are 9 main life paths, and 3 other ones known as “master numbers” since they are rarer than the others.

Their main life paths are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

And the “master number” life paths are:

11, 22, 33

The problem is many people never end up stepping into their life path which is why you find so many people unhappy!

Why Is It Important To Know Your Life Path Number?

We find it is very important to know your life path number because when you learn about it, it gives very good insight into what your soul mission is and how your natural soul personality is!

The problem is we’ve been raised in a society which has shut off most our real souls!

When you start aligning with your life path, you become much happier and you start to do what your real soul desires!

Another great thing about knowing your life path number is you can use it to get insight on a relationship!

If you’re looking at dating someone, you can see their life path number to see how your relationship with them could possibly be.

You can also use life path numbers to help your child’s growth. When you know what their soul mission is and their life path, as they are growing older, you can keep encouraging them to step into their real soul.

How Do You Find Your Life Path Number?

Knowing your life path number is crucial because you want to make sure you stay in alignment with it as you’ll find life becomes a lot more flowing and happier for you!

But to find out your number, this is what you do:

When you’re adding up all the numbers, you must make sure the final number stays below 10 (with the exception of 11, 22, or 33)

Let me show you what I mean:

Get your birthday. Let’s say your birthday is 23/04/1978.

Divide the day, month and year separately, like the following:

Day – 23

Month – 04

Year – 1978

Now just use maths and add them up. 😉

Day – 23 (2+3) = 5

Month – 04 (4+0) = 4

Year – 1978 (1+9+7+8) = 25, since this isn’t below 10, you must break it down.

Since it’s 25, break it down further like this. (2+5) = 7.

The final calculations are 5, 4 and 7.

Now add them up. 5+4+7 = 16.

Since this isn’t below 10, and isn’t a master number, break it down further to keep it below 10.

Since the final number is 16, break it down. 1+6 = 7. Therefore, your life path number is 7.

Stay tuned for more on life path numbers, as this will help your growth in life!

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