Wouldn’t you love to have more money? I’m sure your answer would be a hasty “yes” or you wouldn’t be reading this. So … in this guide, I’ll show you the required steps if you desire to manifest money now.

However, before I get into it, I’ll provide you with a brief introduction to how manifestation works with money. Next, I’ll give you the 4 steps to manifest money now. Finally, I’ll conclude the article and summarize what I’ve said.

How Manifestation Works With Money

Let’s talk about manifestation …

The basis of manifestation is your external world reflects your internal world. In other words, your life and actions occur as a result of your thoughts and feelings. Or even simpler, everything starts within and then manifests into the world.

By taking this into account, you can apply it to manifesting money. Whatever you feel and speak about money is what you’ll get. If you’re always saying, “I never have enough money to do the things I want,” you’ve established that as your reality. Money won’t come into your life if you affirm you don’t have it.

This is because you attract things aligned with your energy and frequency. If you project negative energy to the universe, you’ll attract a negative reality. Conversely, if you send positive energy out to the universe, you’ll attract just that.

I’ve witnessed many occasions where clients and people I know manifested the money they desired. What they had in common was all of them remained positive and faithful even through difficult circumstances and hardships. (Read some incredible money manifestation success stories here).

Manifestation and money will either work for or against you. The outcome is determined by where you focus your energy – always thinking negatively and pessimistically or constantly projecting positivity and belief.

“Everything is energy and energy can be transformed”

– Master Raymon Grace

The truth is money is just energy – like everything else. And you have the power to transform the energy and dictate what happens. Meaning, you can manifest money very quickly if you utilize the power of your mind. Let’s get into how you can do this.

Here are the 4 steps on how to manifest money now.

1. It Starts With Your Mindset

manifesting mindset

This is a broad statement so let me narrow it down. When manifesting money (or anything) your mindset and beliefs should be the first thing you change. If your mindset revolves around poverty and scarcity … then you won’t attract the money you desire.

Thoughts which invoke fear into you should be transformed to those which instill faith and inspiration into you. Here are 3 examples:

  • “I’m always in bad financial situations” can be changed to, “All the challenges I’m facing are only going to make me stronger.”

  • “The world is against me” can be changed to, “The universe is finding ways to help me grow.”

  • “I always seem to lose my money” can be changed to, “I’m a money magnet and I attract it with ease.”

(If you’d like more affirmations to help you manifest money now … read our “Money Manifestation Affirmations.”)

You don’t attract what you want but rather what you are. Meaning, you’ll manifest things which align with your frequency (and not what you want). This is why using affirmations and changing your mindset is essential. Whatever signal you send to the universe about money, that’s what you’ll receive back.

If you’re doubting yourself and think money won’t come … it won’t. It’s as simple as that. By contrast when you know and trust money will come to you … it will. These are the laws of the universe.  

The dominant force will prevail. Meaning, if you allow your negative thoughts and feelings to supersede your positive ones … you’ll continue to experience hardship. That is, until you learn how to overcome these challenges and messages.

I’m not saying it’s easy but you must continue to challenge your thoughts of fear and lack. Keep feeding yourself with love, positivity and growth. To manifest money now, you need to radically change your mindset.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you have been buried, but you’ve actually been planted”

– Christine Caine

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2. Become Clear On What You Want

It’s important you know precisely how much money you desire and why you want it. The why is very important because when there’s certainty you’ll have more motivation to achieve the manifestation. Without a clear goal, how would you know what to achieve?

When you have a reason for your manifestation, you’ll have a deeper desire to pursue it. Your entire body and frequency will also convey a stronger signal to the universe as it has more assurance and certainty. And therefore, the universe will respond to it better than if you’re unsure of your manifestations.

Apart from how much money you desire and why you want it … another good question to ask yourself is, “What would I do with the money I manifest?” This is a good thought-provoking question and another good way to become clear on your manifestation.

When you’re asking yourself these questions, feel it as if you already have the money. Embrace it as if it’s real right now. Be grateful you have the money. The truth is, you actually already have it in the spiritual and etheric realm, but you just have to bring it into the physical world.

Know and don’t doubt. Trust and you’ll receive. The more clear you can become the better.

3. Live One Day At a Time

My favourite poem is called Live One Day at a Time. This poem conveys such a powerful message which I think can relate to anyone. It’s inspiring and from the heart.

Basically, the message of this poem is you should only focus on today. There’s 2 days in which you shouldn’t worry … yesterday is one of those days. For all the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday. All the aches and pains are forever gone.

The other day is tomorrow. With all it’s possible adversaries, burdens and promises … tomorrow is beyond your immediate control. Tomorrow is yet unborn. Therefore, you shouldn’t stress over it.

It’s not the experience of today which drives you mad but the remorse and bitterness of what happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may bring. Anyone can fight the battles of just one day … therefore live but one day at a time.

One of the biggest challenges people face when manifesting is overcoming doubts and fears of the future. They create a false reality which has not yet happened. However, by doing this you’re assuring your subconscious mind you won’t succeed in your manifestations.

Therefore, focusing on the present is essential. It’s something very few people actually do. There’s a quote from Kung Fu Panda which is very relatable to this … it goes:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift … that is why they call it the present.”

– Master Oogway

When you feed yourself with fearful thoughts, you’re clouding your mind from any clarity and motivation. Additionally, when you live in fear of what the future may bring … you’ll bring yourself into a state of despair. Therefore, focus on the NOW and live one day at a time.

4. Take Action Now

walking in nature

If you want to manifest money now … you MUST take action (even if it’s small steps). Manifestation without action is just a daydream – and not a true manifestation. It doesn’t matter how small it is but taking some form of action is vital.

You may get the urge to …

  • Call an old friend

  • Find a new job

  • Invest into a project

  • Ask your boss for a promotion or pay rise

  • List out your passions

  • Start a business

  • Other

There’s countless things you can do to make more money. You just have to think creatively and trust your intuition. Instead of thinking rigidly and pessimistically, it’s important you change this to thinking openly and proactively.  

To do this, I recommend you find an activity which stimulates your senses and creativity. Something like a walk on the beach, a form of creative expression or meditation can help you achieve this. There’s so many benefits in doing these activities.

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Whatever you feel and speak about money is what you’ll get. If you’re always saying, “I never have enough money to do the things I want,” you’ve established that as your reality. Money won’t come into your life if you affirm you don’t have it.

Money is just a form of energy … and energy can be transformed. Meaning, if you want to manifest money now … you can! You can bring ANYTHING into the physical realm when you utilize the power of your mind. Here are the 4 steps to achieve this:

1. It Starts With Your Mindset

2. Become Clear On What You Want

3. Live One Day At a Time

4. Take Action Now

When you apply these steps consistently, you WILL manifest the money you desire. It’s a proven method which I and many of my clients have used to manifest our goals. If you’d like to see some incredible “Money Manifestation Success Stories” click the link.

I hope this helped you!

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