Every day, we constantly experience different moods and feel a certain way. Whether it’s happy, stressed, relaxed, anxious, eventful, etc.

Depending on how you feel or what you’re doing, your brain state changes and adapts to suit the environment it’s in.

Here’s the thing…

Did you know the speed of your brain state directly correlates with manifestation? And whichever brain state you’re in will determine how well you can manifest.

What Are The 4 Brain States?

There are 4 brain states, which are …

Delta: 0.5-4 hz

Theta: 4-8 hz

Alpha: 8-12 hz

Beta: 13-30 hz

Delta brain state is when your mind is completely still. You can reach this when you sleep. It’s a wave form, not a particle (Dr Joe Dispenza).

If you can reach this brain state while being awake in your physical body, you will manifest with absolute ease.

Monks and Yogis train for years to master their mind and reach a Delta state.

Theta brain state is a portal between this realm and the next. This is when your mind is mostly still, in a meditative state between wakefulness and sleep (half-awake, half-asleep).

It’s where deep healing, manifestation, internal focus, and reprogramming happens. Where you let go and self-heal or manifest.

If you can consistently reach this state of mind every day, it’ll be powerful. Be patient. It may take practice to slow your mind down, but it’s worth it.

When you’re in this state and command a manifestation into reality without ANY doubt or blockages, it’ll be very easy. Just trust, take action and listen to your instinct.

Alpha brain state is a quiet daydreaming conscious mind. It’s where your mind is awake and active, but not as busy as it would be most of the day.

You’re in that state you feel after watching a movie, or when you’re zoned out. You can still manifest in this brain state, but not as well as you would in theta or delta.

Beta brain state is an active conscious mind. It’s our normal state of mind when we’re awake and focused on tasks at hand for the outside world.

Totally influenced by the mass mind. This is the busy, “go, go, go” state.

You won’t be able to manifest efficiently if you’re mind is completely active.

It’s important when you manifest to not get lazy. Trust in your manifestation, follow your instincts and take action every day.

Manifestation and belief transforms the energy around you. Then you have to act on it.

What’s An Easier Way To Look At This?

Think of brain states like a building …

  • 2nd Floor: Beta. Where activity happens
  • 1st Floor: Alpha. This is where all your programs and beliefs are stored
  • Ground Floor: Theta. This is beyond the Alpha, and your beliefs, and starting to connect with the Universal Mind
  • Basement: Delta. The Universal Mind, source, God, oneness

You manifest best in an alpha or theta state. Yogis, however, can move into a delta state (this takes lots of practice)

Do a cooldown or meditation.

What Are Some Techniques to Alter Brain States?

Altered states of consciousness are an important part of accessing the higher unconscious realms to manifest abundance in your life.

Different ways to go into a deep state …

  • Psychedelic drugs
  • Meditation
  • Brain training or neurofeedback, ie. This is how you can monitor the brain states and help train your brain through machinery into a deep state
  • Hypnosis
  • Forced inducement (eg. Trauma)

How Do the Brain States Correlate with Manifestation?

It’s quite simple.

When you’re operating in the Beta state constantly, it’s impossible to manifest, because instead of being relaxed and in the higher realms, you’re in the head and focusing on the 3D realm.

By contrast, when you’re operating in the Alpha or Theta brain state, it works much better because you’re in the higher realms and calling the abundance in from that high consciousness.

To learn how to control your brain state to manifest your dreams into reality, watch this training below.

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