Learning how to manifest wealth and abundance is one of the greatest life skills to master … for obvious reasons. It allows you to have more free time, give yourself and your family a better life, stop working in jobs you hate, etc. In this article, I’ll be sharing some real life manifesting money success stories where people I know manifested the money they desired.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish for it to happen, others make it happen.”

– Michael Jordan

Before I get into it, let’s first cover the basics so you can gain a better insight into what exactly is manifestation.

What is Manifestation

Manifestation by definition is the action of showing something. Or, simply put, it’s the ability to transform your internal thoughts, feelings and projections into reality.

You’re constantly manifesting outcomes and realities – albeit most of the time you do it unconsciously (without realizing). Depending on your thoughts, emotions and energy … you could either be manifesting a positive or negative reality. Most people are inclined to have the latter.

You may be thinking … why are most people prone to manifesting a negative reality?

Well, it’s quite simple. Let’s get into how manifestation works – and why most people unconsciously manifest a negative reality for themselves.

How Manifestation Works

The basis of manifestation is the external world reflects the internal world. Meaning, the life you live right now was created as a result of what you fed your subconscious mind. That is, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Let me give you an example. Hypothetically, let’s say you grew up in a traditional family who pushed you into getting a job you hate so you can survive. Without realizing, you deeply ingrained you MUST get a job to survive. As a result, you’ll more than likely get stuck in a profession you don’t enjoy.

We can take this concept further and apply it to money. If you’re always worrying and stressing about finances … then you’re essentially telling your subconscious mind you currently don’t have money. In turn, this will manifest into you struggling for money.

One thing to be aware of is you don’t attract what you want … but rather what you are. Meaning, the universe won’t manifest what you want, but instead it’ll respond to the frequency you’re sending to it.

I’ll give you an example to ensure you understand what I mean (as it’s very important to grasp).

Let’s say Billy’s “want” is to manifest perfect health. However, though he wants perfect health, he’s also feeding his subconscious with fears and thoughts such as, “I’m never going to get better” and “why does this sh&! always happen to me?”. Due to his negative emotions prevailing, he’s going to manifest a reality according to that frequency.

You can apply this concept to money too. If your “want” is to manifest money … but you keep stressing you don’t have enough money … then ultimately the stronger force will prevail. Sadly (and realistically) most of the time it’s going to be your fears which triumph your desires.

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I trust you understand this now. Moving forward …

Think of manifestation (or your subconscious mind) as a movie projector …

Whatever you insert into the projector is what will be played on the screen. We can apply this principle to manifestation. Whatever you put into your subconscious mind (feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc.) will be played out in your life.

By knowing and applying these concepts and principles, you can ultimately dictate how your life will turn out – good or bad. It’s just a matter of really understanding them and embracing them into your life. Most importantly, it’s about taking control of over your thoughts.

To instill faith into you … and prove this is real … I decided to share with you some real life examples of what happened when people I know applied these principles in their life.

Manifesting Money Success Story #1 – Tim’s story

manifesting money

A personal friend of mine named Tim was from Australia but was living in New Zealand with his partner for a time. While he was there, he struggled to meet his weekly expenses of $400 due to business deals not working out.

So … he decided to look at his bank account to see how much was left. When he saw he had virtually no money, he knew he had to do something (as he couldn’t even afford a plane ticket to get back home).

Most people would’ve cried, screamed and whined … however Tim and his wife didn’t. They did something contrary to what the majority would …

Although in their mind it felt IMPOSSIBLE for them to get back on their feet, their spirit and connection to “God” knew nothing was impossible. They began to pray, manifest and believe money would come to them. But here’s the thing …

They had absolutely no doubt or fear the manifestation wouldn’t be achieved. The following events which took place are greatly astonishing. Here’s what happened.

Shortly after they set the intention, Tim got a sense to go to his local ATM although he still had no money. Upon arriving, he withdrew $400 he didn’t have and lo and behold, $400 came out of the ATM.

He proceeded to do this for the next 4 weeks and EVERY TIME it worked. He could pay his weekly expenses now! On the 5th week, he decided to be a bit sneaky and attempt to withdraw $600. That didn’t work so he tried the previous amount of $400 and once again … it worked.

The 6th week, he withdrew another $400 and it worked. On the 7th week, he tried once more but this time to his amusement it didn’t work. It was at this point he knew it was time to go home to Australia … but he wasn’t quite sure how he could as he still didn’t have enough funds for a plane ticket. However, he decided to go back to his house and not give up hope.

That very day he received a call from his partner’s father. Out of the blue, his father-in-law said, “I had a sense you guys needed to come back, so I’m going to buy you a ticket if that’s alright with you.”. Tim and his wife accepted the offer and were back home in no time.

Manifest Money Success Story #2 – Cindy’s story

This following story is a very quick one as it’s an example of an instant manifestation.

A former client of mine named Cindy attended one of my manifestation courses as she had a desire to release herself of a $120,000 debt. So … I taught her exactly how to formulate a manifestation. She followed everything precisely and created the intention she’d have her $120,000 debt removed ASAP.

Just like Tim and his wife, Cindy had absolutely no doubt and put her trust in “God” and the universe. The following events which transpired are amazing. Here’s what happened.

The very next day, she made a phone call to her bank to discuss ways of paying off the debt. To her surprise, they responded with, “We’re going to waive your debt.”

Anyone who knows how banks work would know this is quite a phenomenon. This virtually NEVER happens. However, due to her manifestation and unwavering faith (belief) she managed to remove her debt immediately.

Manifesting Money Success Story #3 – Mitch’s story

This is another shorter story as Mitch too quickly manifested the change he desired.

Mitch was another former client of mine who quickly transformed his monetary situation into how he wanted it. Although it wasn’t as radical as the 2 previous stories, it’s nevertheless very relatable to most people.

Mitch was a musician who made approximately $7,000 per month. Though he was moderately contempt with this, he still desired to manifest an extra $3,000 per month as it would bring his total to $10,000 monthly.

You guessed it … just as the 2 previous stories, Mitch too had faith and knew his manifestation would come to pass. He had no doubt whatsoever. And of course, you can guess what happened …

Almost instantly after creating his manifestation for more money, he started getting gigs and better offers. That immediately increased his total to $10,000 per month.

How They Manifested Their Desires

Let’s have a look at the 3 biggest lessons these stories have in common …

1. They all trusted in “God” and their intuition

“Man can live about 40 days without food, about 3 days without water, about 8 minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.”

Hope, trust and belief are 3 essentials when manifesting. Without them, you can’t accomplish anything. That goes with anything in life … not just manifesting.

When you have faith and trust in the universe, it creates a vision. A vision which inspires you to push through trials and tribulations. When you trust the universe and yourself, then nothing is impossible.

2. None of them had doubt or fear

Two of the biggest factors which limit people from achieving their manifestations is doubt and fear. Since we live in a 3D world, doubt and fear are naturally stronger vibrations … and most people struggle to overcome them.

When manifesting, it’s important your faith and trust prevails over your doubts and fears. Otherwise your desire WILL NOT succeed.

3. They all took some form of action

The 3rd biggest lesson from these stories is they all took some form of action. Tim went to the ATM … Cindy called and discussed with the bank … and Mitch searched for better gig opportunities. None of them just hoped for the best and left it … rather, they all took action ASAP.

Manifestation without action is just a wish. If you’re not planning on taking action to achieve your goals, then don’t expect a shining white knight to ride on its horse and save you from your trials. Instead, take action … even if it starts off as small steps.


Learning how to manifest wealth and abundance is one of the greatest life skills to master … for obvious reasons. It allows you to have more free time, give yourself and your family a better life, stop working in jobs you hate, etc. 

In this article, you can see real life examples of what happened to people I know who applied all the manifestation principles in their life.

What those 3 manifestation success stories had in common were:

1. They all trusted in “God” and their intuition

2. None of them had doubt or fear

3. They all took some form of action

If you apply this in your life, you too can manifest the money you desire!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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