The hardest thing when you’re sick is accepting that most of the things you believe is wrong.

I was asked by a friend:

“Why is it that you’re a Generation X? You’re nearly 50, and yet you totally get Millennials and you get young people and you get the fact that they’re changing the world and that most of us are way behind.”


“Why is your family constantly going on to my kids about not being home-schooled and going to university and you need a degree to be successful?”

That’s because that’s just what Generation X were brought up in. That’s what people in the ’40s, ’50s, and Baby Boomers were taught.

But now, the Millennials have come and turned everything upside down and just thrown it all out.

They’ve just said, “No, screw that. We’re not interested.” and thrown everything they have been taught out the door.

And what’s really important to get is that’s the reason that I’m able to understand people in that area, and be open-minded, is because I have been through that myself.

But today’s people in their 20s find it hard accepting that most of what they believe is wrong.

A great example from my own life is when I was 30 to 35 and extremely sick:

When I was 28, I honestly believed that I was right on most of the things in the world. I did. I really did, of course I had some despondency

I’d missed out on getting a position in the church I was involved in, I’d missed out, my career hadn’t gone the way I thought it would gone.

I missed out on a couple of promotions and to me, I still didn’t honestly think I was doing much wrong.

To me, I just had to trust God it would all work out, and as I saw it, I didn’t think a lot was going to go wrong, and basically it wasn’t my fault.

I had a few things to learn, but by and large, to me, most of what I believed was right, and then I got incredibly sick, and all the stuff which I knew and believed in didn’t work

Going up the front and getting prayed for in church didn’t work, going to doctors, doing all this physio.

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