I really had to give up my whole identity, and in doing that, discovered a whole new way of living.

But since that time, I’ve just learned that most of what I believe is wrong and the world’s going to keep evolving, and as each month and each week goes by, I’m going to find out certain things about life that are actually different to what I thought they were.

And I think that Millennials will just turn up, and honestly, they just turn up in the world and say, you know what? Why can’t we have what our parents want now?

People criticize them for that, and yeah, sure, some people it brings a spirit of entitlement.

But for a lot of people who are the ones who are willing to work, the rare breed of Millennials, are going:

“Well, yeah, yeah, we can have what our parents had now. We can have it tomorrow. We can have it immediately.”

And they’re going out and becoming billionaires, and that’s why the next spiritual awakening and spiritual revolution will be led a lot by Millennials, and the young people, people in their teens, early 20s, will be leading it because they won’t have limitations that when you tell them that you can heal people on a mass scale, they’ll go, “Yeah, okay.”

When you tell them that you can change the planet, they say, “Yeah, we can,” because I know when I was 23, 24, when people would tell me in church, I could change the planet and change the whole world, I didn’t have any doubt.

To me, there was no question that would happen, and I’ll admit when I hit my 30s and a bit of my 40s, I started to question that.

However, as I’ve got back to basics in my life, I now know that’s actually the case.

I can change the planet. I can heal it, I’ve gone back to square one and done a whole full circle. So the point is, yeah, I mean basically the moral of the story is to realize that most of what you believe is actually wrong.

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