So it forced me to either do one of two things:

Either one, say, “You know what? I’m wrong in everything I believe in,” and look elsewhere and look alternatively.

The hard thing about doing that is all your identity gets shaken up, and you’ve got to pretty much admit your whole life is a lie pretty much and that most of what you believe in isn’t actually true, and you’ve got to completely reinvent and get a new identity for yourself.

The second choice, which is the easier choice, what most people do, is you go into denial, you keep believing that you’re right, knowing and insisting that you’re right.

And then you go on painkilling medication, make up some glorified story about your sickness, how it’s for God’s glory, how it’s for a higher purpose, how it’s going to help you and it’s going to bring you to greatness.

This may sound great and all, but in the end, what you must realize is it doesn’t always work that way.

Sure, God has a higher self uses sickness for that purpose. Sometimes people get sick and while they’re learning, it’s a part of their life where they become great.

Sometimes this is what it takes for most people to finally listen to higher messages and change their way of thinking, living, health and ultimately, to experience profound shiftings and awakenings.

That happened to both my partner and me.

But I certainly didn’t intend to make that my reality forever and neither did my partner. I went through it for five years, but in that process,  I reinvented my life.

I accepted I was wrong. I went through a lot of despondency and depression because I felt like my whole life was a lie, that everything I believed in didn’t actually work.

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