Have you ever sat down out in the open world and thought to yourself: Nature is so beautiful and phenomenal?

It’s so calming, soothing and regenerating.

People talk about “genius” and “intelligence” as if it were only human beings who had it.

“The Creation of Reality Through Imagination” is a poem by Wallace Stevens which talks about imagination, reality and order.

Order is the clear manifest on the ocean:

  • The waves keep rolling in at the same pace for who knows how long
  • The rotation of the sun, moon and stars and the tide’s consistency
  • It’s as if nature has a mind of its’ own and knows exactly what it’s doing

Perhaps all this amazement and harmony, is what attracts people to the ocean.

Spiritual master, Maharishi’s view, is that life is structured like the ocean; waves of what you do and all your changes are visible on the surface, your physical being.

But most of your existence is below the surface, within you.

For a wave on the ocean to enjoy its true status, all it has to do is settle down – then it becomes an infinite ocean.

This is meditation.

The mind settles inward to greater levels until the smallest thought is gone and your mind is completely clear.

Meditation is a natural, instinctive shift in your consciousness, involving psychological changes as much as a change of awareness.

From this perspective, meditation is a means for experiencing the unified field of consciousness directly, drawing upon nature’s unlimited reserves of energy and intelligence to benefit all aspects of life.

In Conclusion

Nature has so much order, beauty and perfection.

The energy and vibration of nature is so pure that it allows us to attract the energy into our souls and consciousness when we meditate.

In many ways, the human world is based off the order of nature.


This was an amazing article by Tom Ball which I found and summarized to make it easier for you to understand.

Here’s the link if you desire to read more in-depth

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