Did you know negative energies such as demons, ghosts, discarnates can all influence your thoughts?!

That’s right! You heard it correct!

What Thoughts Of Mine Can They Influence?

This is a great question so let’s get into it.

Negative energies can increase thoughts about people’s desires.

For example, when you suddenly notice you get a desire to do something that may not necessarily be for your greater good, this is most likely a demon or discarnate putting those thoughts into you.

These thoughts can include:

  • “Drink alcohol now”
  • “Take drugs now”
  • “Have lots of sex now”
  • And so on.

When you don’t notice what’s causing these thoughts, you tend to obey them and start doing what you’re thinking.

Negative energies can not only put thoughts about desires … but they can also increase negative beliefs and thoughts about yourself!

These can include:

  • “You are a bad person”
  • “You deserve to suffer”
  • “You are so bad and there is no way out”
  • “The only solution for you is to kill yourself!”
  • “You should stop being spiritual because you’re a bad person”

But that’s not all!

These same negative energies can also influence your thoughts about others!

For example, when you meet someone who might actually be here to help you, you might start to get thoughts such as:

  • “He has a big ego”
  • “This person is very negative”
  • “He will not help me”
  •  And the list goes on!

You thought that was all?

There’s another! These negative energies can even influence your thoughts about your spirituality!

They can put thoughts such as:

  • “Spirituality is fake”
  • “You don’t know anything about spirituality”
  • “You don’t need to learn anything more because it’s unnecessary”
  •  And the list keeps going!

And there’s one more!

This is the worst you can get (if you do)

The negative energy is powerful enough to send thoughts to you to harm people or be aggressive towards them!


They will fill your brain with a visualisation of what it wants you to do, the person sees the act in their mind and now might be motivated to act!

Why would the person act on it?

Well the negative energy can send a feeling of pleasure to the person if they do it, meaning they’ll give the person fake pleasure when they’re thinking about it which’ll give them more motive to act!

How Do Negative Energies Affect My Thoughts In The First Place?

Let’s explain!

When you don’t notice negative energy around you: The demon, discarnate or whatever it may be will send a direct command to your subconscious mind targeting the instinct and desire centre.

Another way is they can target your likes and dislikes centre.

Putting thoughts such as:

  • “I like drinking alcohol”
  • “I like eating chocolate”
  •  Etc.

This all sounds scary, but there’s a good thing.

That is, negative energies can’t affect you if you don’t allow it!

If you resist it, or have Divine Protection or you’re well aware of the entity, it can’t touch you!

How Do I Get Rid Of Negative Energies Affecting Me?

Thankfully there’s some solutions!

The first one is to simply ignore it and hope for the best, which you can do but I strongly do not recommend 😊

Your second option (which I do daily) is:

Do regular clearings on yourself getting rid of any discarnates or negative energies.

You can also start saying affirmations such as “Negative energies cannot touch me! I have Divine Protection and don’t have any time for negative energies!”

A lot comes down to your mind set:

If you’re scared of these negative energies, you’re giving it power to control you!

When you have no fear around your negative energies, it can’t touch you!

In Conclusion

Negative energies such as demons, discarnates, ghosts, etc can all affect and influence your thoughts and desires!

They do this by sending a direct command to your subconscious mind targeting your desires and likes centre.

When you’re not aware of this, you give these negative energies power over you and let them control you!

When you are aware of this, you give yourself power over these negative energies and they cannot touch you!

If you’re keen to remove any negative energies influence from your thoughts, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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