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Without further ado, let’s begin.

The essence of the number 1, in numerology, is quite significant because it represents creation, a new beginning.

Every system on earth is dependent upon the number 1 because it symbolizes a new beginning, fresh start, revival and clean slate.

The number 0 represents void, nothingness and the unmanifest, and the number 1 responds to this vibration and brings the invisible into visible, and the unmanifested into manifested.

Every number is a response to the preceding number, hence why the one responds to the zero by bringing the unmanifested into form, and the two responds to the one by bringing balance and duality.

The number 1 is a primitive, independent and lone vibration that governs the primal state of a living force (such as an animal or human), and is constantly seeking to establish its identity.

The 1 is in the process of discovering its own abilities and raw potential.

Who am I?” is the 1s biggest query.

You can think of it, in a sense, like the root (1st) chakra. The root chakra must feel secure, established and accepted in order for the energies to freely flow through it.

Once the 1 vibration has established its distinct identity, there’s nothing or no one stopping it. The 1 vibration conveys the ability to assert and dominate. The word “fear” isn’t present in the 1s vocabulary.

In numerology, the number 1 is the lone wolf.

It has the ability to conquer and win. Due to the 1s aggression and assertiveness, it can designate and set clear goals and accomplish them with ease as a result of its determination, courage and strength.

If you look at the 1st Tarot card, the Magician points one of his hands towards the sky (spirit) and the other towards the ground (earth), which shows he has the inherent ability to turn (the unmanifested) dreams into reality (form).

Those born in previous generations inevitably possess the number 1, which signified a generation of more independent and pragmatic individuals.

However, the number 1 has become less apparent after the year 2000 because the earth’s cycle moved predominantly under the 2s vibration, indicating a generation of more sensitive, heartfelt and emotional individuals.

The newer generation is here to bring balance to the universe.

However, going back to the 1, it’s the number of a fresh start and a clean slate. It’s the ability to initiate a new beginning or idea.

For example, Henry Ford was a life path 1 and his innovative ideas and leadership revolutionised the automobile industry, and still impact our lives to this very day.

He truly embodied the 1 vibration, whether he was conscious of it or not.

Lebron James, too, is a life path 1. He completely changed the game of basketball due to the inherent 1 vibration within him.

The number 1 conveys a perpetual energy …

Although there may be changes here and there, the initiative the 1 presents never fades away, it remains permanent.

Think of Henry Ford again …

He revolutionised the automobile industry, and although there’s been changes here and there, such as updated car models, his innovation is what ignited all of it. And that will forever remain permanent in history.

Therefore, the creativity and innovation the number 1 possesses is truly remarkable, and a force to be reckoned with.

It can be defined as the most masculine number in numerology, as it knows how to assert its leadership, originality and independence.

By operating in the positive 1 vibration, you’ll easily inspire others. People look up to those who truly possess the 1 characteristics and energy.

This is because the 1 knows how to gain admiration and respect from its colleagues, due to the strength, resilience, determination, courage, independence and leadership capabilities it possesses.

The downside of the 1 vibration is …

It can become stubborn, arrogant and boastful. It’s prone to indulge in its ego.

As an example, the name “Satan” adds up to the 1 vibration. Satan isn’t necessarily a figure, person or human, but rather an energy/vibration.

Satanism, the religion, believes that one must behave from man’s primal instincts (the animalistic nature). It’s all about being controlled by greed, lust, desire and ego.

However, this doesn’t mean those who operate under the negative 1 vibration become Satan or demonic.

But aside from that, I don’t desire to revolve the topic around Satanism so I’m going to continue discussing about the number 1.

The number 1, as I was saying before, may be prone to becoming egotistical and refuse to see others’ point of view. Therefore, if you possess multiple 1s in your birthdate, or you’re constantly noticing 1s around you, it may be the universe trying to warn you to watch your ego, and humble yourself.

The vibrational frequency of the 1 is strongly connected to the sense of self-worth. The positive 1 has strong conviction and is very respectable. It trusts itself to distinguish what’s right and wrong.

There’s no one or nothing that can change the 1s views and behaviour. The 1 is the conqueror and can defeat any opposing forces.

Those who emit the 1 vibration cannot stand injustice, therefore they’ll intervene and set things straight.

The negative 1 lacks confidence and is full of doubt, anxiety and fear.  

The natural state of the number 1 exudes all the active energies of the yang, the masculine.

However, when the 1 vibrates at a lower frequency, it easily becomes passive and weak.

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law formally states; for every action, there’s an equal and opposite force reacting against it. Therefore, the negative 1 conveys the opposite vibrations of the positive 1.

The predominant vibration the negative 1 takes on is the feeling of dependence, fear, doubt and arrogance.

Those born with strong 1 influences are destined to be leaders in some way. When fear and doubt destroy them, it results in karmic ties around those areas. Therefore, they’ll most likely reincarnate with the life path 1 to resolve those issues.

Most people born with the life path 1 are here to resolve their past life issues around loneliness, abandonment, fear and not utilising their raw potent abilities.

The number 1 challenges you to proceed with courage, and overcome any doubt and fear.

Since the preceding number is 0, the number 1 has the command to manifest its form where it wants. It has the control over its direction and purpose.

This is why it’s important for the 1 vibration to commit to its purpose without fearing any opposition. It must take charge and authority, and establish dominion.

Even through tough and challenging times, the number 1 can keep focus and continue pursuing its mission and goals. Just like the root (1st) chakra, the energy magnifies one’s will to live through hardships.

The opposite of this is the number 1 can feel alone and isolated. Not everyone who’s independent wants to be alone, therefore some people who possess the 1 vibration can have a sense of internal suffering and loneliness.

This is why a life path number 1 must have a sense of direction and purpose. The number 1 is about inspiring and finding solutions and opportunities when others feel lost and stuck.

When the number 1 is truly vibrating in its positive form, it naturally draws respect, admiration and trust from its associates.

So, in summary …

In numerology, the number 1 conveys a significant vibration, as it symbolizes creation, a new beginning.

The positive number 1 represents a clean slate, fresh start and revival.

Since the preceding number is 0, the number 1 brings the unmanifested into form. Therefore, it knows how to manifest its dreams into reality.

Once the number 1 has established its distinct identity, there’s nothing or no one that can stop it.

It has the ability to conquer, win and dominate. For this reason, it has an innate sense of leadership that others look up to.

Furthermore, the number 1 is the vibration of initiative and innovation. The ideas the 1 presents never fades away, rather it remains permanent.

The downside of the 1 vibration is it will operate under the negative masculine energy. It’ll become arrogant, stubborn and egotistical. The negative 1 won’t have time for others and disregard their views and advice.

This is the exact opposite of the positive yang energy.

However, the other side of the negative 1 is it’ll become doubtful, scared, lonely and anxious. It’ll cling and depend on others to lead its direction.

Therefore, the 1 vibration challenges you to overcome fear and doubt, and establish dominion over opposing forces.

It challenges you to live your life with courage and strength.

Positive 1 Keywords:

Independent, original, initiative, creator, leader, strong, courageous, determined, dominant, masculine, focused, inspiring, respectable, admirable, aggressive, assertive.

Negative 1 Keywords:

Dependent, scared, doubtful, lonely, afraid, second fiddle, undetermined, bossy, egotistical, stubborn, isolated, boastful, passive, weak.

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