Did you know your past lives have a massive effect on the life you live today?

You might be thinking:

“How could I possibly be affected by something I did hundreds or even thousands of years ago?” That raises a good question! Let’s explore this topic further.

Although your physical body dies, your soul ascends and you may not remember anything you did, but your soul does.

You can’t get away with anything because it’s called “karma”. Like the old saying goes, ‘whatever goes around, comes around’.

Remember, in the higher realms or the ‘heavens’, there is no space and time. Your soul carries the same memories you had from thousands of years ago.

Although you can’t even remember anything, it still affects you whether it’s positive or negative.

Everyone you interact with in this lifetime have been involved in your past lives. If you have resentment towards someone and don’t know why, the chances you had conflict with them in a past life!

By contrast, if you feel really connected with you someone you just met and feel like you’ve known each other for a long time, they would’ve had an impact in your past lives.

Here’s a good example

If you served your purpose and didn’t do many bad things in your past lives, you’ll have a pure soul, you won’t have much bad karma or consequences to reap in this lifetime.

The higher masters like to reward people who live their purpose and don’t have negative karma.

For example, it’ll be easy to attract great business opportunities, partners and life will flow smoothly for you.

A bad example

If you did terrible things in your past lives, you will attract it back into your current life so let’s say you conned people in past lives, you’ll certainly attract it back to you.

This is why you must clear yourself from negative karma, otherwise you’ll be stuck in a reincarnation loop until you release it once and for all.

If you continue going off track, your soul will eventually get taken to a soul dungeon in the higher realms until the masters believe you’ve learned your lesson.

This is like a literal “hell”. In a soul dungeon, there is absolutely no light presence, and you feel all alone.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point in your life, where you felt all alone and like the world was out to get you. If you’ve ever felt that way, the chances are you were reaping karma.

If you go off track again, your soul gets trapped in a dark torture chamber for a long time.

If you go off track for a 3rd time, your soul gets trapped in a very, very bad place.

These are the 3 layers of “soul dungeons”.

This is why religion calls it “hell”.

Religion twisted it to frighten people. They teach you that you only get one life and if you fail, you go to an everlasting burning torture chamber called “hell”.

In Conclusion

Your past lives have a massive effect on you whether it’s good or bad. The reason behind this is simple.

It’s because your soul and higher self remembers everything, and everyone you interact with was involved in your past lives whether it’s good or bad.

If you continue going off track, you’ll just stay in the reincarnation loop cycle until you finally get out of it. This is why it’s important to clear yourself!

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