Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 19th February – 20th March, you’re a Pisces.

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality within the Pisces nature. The fish also represents peaceful creatures in tuned with their emotions and imagination.

Pisces is the third and final sign in the water element, alongside Cancer and Scorpio.

Pisces Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are empathetic, selfless and sympathetic. This makes them have a deep desire to help those around them.

They have a kind, compassionate and friendly nature, and are always willing to help others … even if they have to put their own interests aside in order to do so.

They’re genuine friends and usually very popular in their social-circle because of their loving and soft energy.

The downside of their generous and giving nature is they can easily be taken advantaged of by selfish individuals. This is an area they must be mindful of.

Their kindness makes them prefer to lie to someone rather than hurt them, which is also an area they must develop. They need to learn to speak their truth more often, even if it sometimes hurts others.

They need to develop a more strong-willed attitude. If they don’t, they’ll be more prone to let other people walk all over them.

Since people under this sign are empathetic, they tend to carry other people’s emotions and become too giving, without getting anything back.

Pisces have very sensitive souls, which makes them naturally have a highly developed intuition.

Because they’re a water sign, they can easily become so caught up in their emotions which is why they must learn to stay grounded.

Pisces’ gentle and compassionate nature cannot resist someone in need, which is why they tend to be overly-trusting. This can lead to emotional hurts and betrayals by those who take advantage of their kind spirit.

Due to their sensitive nature, they can be hurt easily when they’re criticized. This can sometimes lead them to becoming too self-destructive.

Although a water element, when a Pisces feels hurt, they’re not afraid to express their emotions and/or display an emotional outburst.

When a Pisces is feeling down, they feel very uplifted when they see acts of kindness by others.

Represented by the fish, these people are organic and prefer to “go with the flow” rather than stick to a strict routine. This makes them very easy-going people to be around.

Pisces are one of the most creative and artistic signs out of the 12 zodiacs. They have a natural love and admiration for arts and music.

Most Pisces have natural artistic talents whether it’s in music, art, dancing, singing, acting etc.

Music, creativity and art makes Pisces’ feel uplifted and peaceful, and brings a lot of joy to their hearts.

Their creativity and imagination can often cause them to escape reality and enter into a day-dream state. It’s quite common to see a Pisces mind in the clouds.

Pisces need to learn to face their problems instead of swimming away from them.

Pisces Love and Relationships

Being a water sign, Pisces are very emotional, sensitive, friendly, generous and loving.

When a Pisces is in love, they give their all to their partner … even to the point of putting their partner’s needs above their own because of their selfless nature.

They need a loyal and committed partner, as they’re one of the most faithful and devoted signs out of the 12.

They’re always hesitant to open up their heart because they know once they’ve opened up, their heart is pretty much handed over to their partner.

If they open up too quickly, this can leave them vulnerable to hurt and manipulation if they find an incompatible partner.

Deep down, they’re always searching for a romantic love and “soulmate.” This is why it’s rare you’ll find a Pisces who prefers short-term casual relationships and flings.

They need a partner who can give them a lot of love and support, as emotional connection is very important to them. They need to feel a deep connection with their partner.

Since they’re gentle and kind, they’re very affectionate and romantic. This is why they need a romantic partner.

More than anything, they crave to have a deep spiritual and emotional connection rather than a purely physical based relationship.

This is why they tend to be attracted to the other 2 water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) … as they share similar qualities and nature.

Pisces Career and Finances

Represented by two fish swimming opposite directions, this can mean a Pisces may be unsettled and not focused on one career or decision.

This means it can be hard for them to settle for a profession.

However, when they commit to something and enjoy it, they give their all and work whole-heartedly in their career.

Due to their sensitive and selfless nature, Pisces’ thrive in careers focused on assisting and serving others.

This is why careers such as doctors, nurses, pharmaceuticals, public relations, lawyers etc suit them very well.

They need to feel supported, encouraged and accepted in their work environment. This is because they’re based in their heart and emotions.

For a Pisces, money isn’t their biggest priority. For them, it’s more a token of appreciation for those they helped and served.

But if they decide to put their mind to making money, they can acquire quite a lot of money. When they make it, they must be wary to not impulsively spend, as this can be a Pisces’ natural tendency.

Since they have a vivid imagination and strong creative side, they enjoy anything involving the right side of the brain.

They need to be in a career which allows them to express their creativity. If they’re doing the boring tasks, they’ll become mentally exhausted and unproductive really quickly.

They work well in careers such as artists, musicians, dancers, singers, actors, photographers etc.

Pisces Soul Mission

A Pisces’ soul mission is to impact the world through their creativity. They’ve known since a young age they’re meant to be an artist in some way, whether it’s through painting, drawing, filmmaking, photography, acting, fashion, etc.

They’re called to make a difference in people’s lives through serving and assisting with their Divine Love energy.

In this lifetime, it’s important for people under this sign to overcome their emotional ups and downs, and find a balanced emotional system.

This is quite easy for them to overcome as they start to spiritually awaken.

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