Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 22nd November – 21st December, you’re a Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius Zodiac sign is symbolized by the centaur, Chiron (half man, half horse) with a bow and arrow aiming at its target. This represents a creature with the pursuit of knowledge, boundless curiosity, intellectual capabilities and desire to be of help.

Sagittarius is the third and final sign in the fire element, alongside Aries and Leo.

Sagittarius Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

Being represented by the centaur, people under this sign are always seeking knowledge and new adventures. They are the biggest travellers out of the 12 signs.

They’ve got a boundless curiosity for the world which is why they love to travel and explore with a constant search for the meaning of life.

They never stop searching for enlightenment and new information. When they discover something new, they love sharing or teaching about it to others.

They’re goal-oriented people and are constantly moving from the completion of an objective to a higher one.

Sagittarius’ naturally have a very positive and optimistic view on life and are always looking for the good in others and the world around them.

They’re energetic and enthusiastic people always inspiring others by their actions.

Freedom and independance is very important to a Sagittarius. When they feel someone’s holding them back or tying them down, this’ll quickly build resentment in them and if it’s not dealt with, they’re true soul could massively damage.

It’s crucial to their nature to be able to express themselves without feeling limited by convention.

They love the outdoors and are always on a constant search for new people, places and objects.

Due to their love for exploring new adventures, they tend to be restless with a versatile soul. Due to their restless nature, they can often push things too far and be impatient.

Exercise is important to them … and they often turn to sports to release their physical energy.

They’re always open to change, extroverted and sociable. They’re usually very practical too, and have the ability to transform their thoughts or desires into action. They’ll do anything to achieve their goals.

By nature, people under this sign are extremely generous and love giving whether it’s emotionally, financially, mentally, etc. They’re never afraid to give to people they love or others in need. In fact, sometimes they need to be mindful of how much they give, as it can overburden if they give too much.

They’re very innovative and brilliant at starting new things. However, they’ve got a natural tendency to start something, and not finish. This is an area they must be mindful of.

They’re naturally incredibly smart people and have profound intellectual capabilities. It’s important for them to constantly engage in mental activities, as this’ll improve their idealism, intelligence, etc.

These people tend to be more outspoken and truthful, often having a tendency to speak before they think of how it’ll affect others.

Sagittarius is the sign of the hunter, and the chase thrills them. They’re never afraid to chase their dreams and actually enjoy the process of achieving their goals. Challenge always excites them and they’re never afraid to take it head on and overcome the obstacle.

Due to their love for adventure and freedom … they’ll never shy away from risk and often act before they think. This is an area they sometimes must be mindful of, as they have a tendency to act impulsively and carelessly at times.

Sagittarius’ are very open-minded and always love listening to the thoughts and opinions of others. By nature, they’re very easy-going and fascinating people to be around.

Most of the time, a Sagittarius will appear as a tough, dynamic and exciting person to be around. However, below that exterior is a soft heart and deep love for humanity. They’re always willing to go out of their way to help others in need.

Sagittarius Love and Relationships

Being a fire sign, Sagittarius’ are very outgoing, adventurous, passionate and expressive.

Due to their love for change, they’ll often have quite a few partners before they decide to commit. However, when they find someone they love, they’re very faithful and loyal to the end.

They need a partner who’s open, sensitive and expressive just like themselves. Intelligence is also very important to them.

It’s important for a Sagittarius to not feel tied down in a relationship. They’re in constant search for new people, places, mysteries, etc and need the freedom to explore these areas of life.

They need partners who are just as adventurous and extroverted as themselves.

Sagittarius’ always love having fun and enjoy experimenting with their partners. Sex and love are just as important as each other to a Sagittarius. They need to be able to express their physical and emotional energy passionately without feeling restricted.

They’re incredibly generous, attentive and open-hearted to those they love. However, this only comes when someone’s gained their full trust and respect.

In fact, at times they need to be mindful of not giving too much of their finances to help those they love, as it can often leave nothing left for themselves.

Sagittarius Career and Finances

Sagittarians always think big and optimistically. They’re always in search of knowledge, enlightenment, information, etc.

This is the sign of the hunter, as they’re never afraid to chase what they’re after. When they discover new knowledge, wisdom or information, they love to share it with others around them. Their natural-born intelligence compliments this desire in them.

This is why they can make great careers as a philosophist, teacher, lecturer, motivational speaker, etc.

Freedom is crucial to a Sagittarius in all areas of their life. This includes their career.

If they’re stuck in a 9-5 office job, this’ll damage their true soul to a massive degree. They need a career which gives them the freedom to travel and constantly experience new changes.

Due to their adventurous and free spirits, they’re often drawn to sports as it’s a way of releasing their physical energy. This is why they can make great athletes.

As a worker, Sagittarians are incredible innovators and know how to start new projects due to their idealistic nature. They know how to turn thoughts into reality.

However, due to their constant need for change, it’s best to leave the details of the process to others. They need to allow others to do the finishing as well as they prefer to start things, and not finish.

They always know what to say in nearly every situation, which is why they can make great salespeople. They have no trouble inspiring others with their charming, intelligent and fun energy. Sagittarians enjoy spending money just as much as making it.

Sagittarius Soul Mission

A Sagittarius’ soul mission is to travel the world and keep their adventurous spirit alive! During the process, they’ll inevitably accumulate knowledge and wisdom due to their curious nature. They’re called to share what they know with the world!

When they constantly go on new adventures, they’re dynamic energy will naturally connect them with lots of new people and cultures. This is where they can show their knowledge.

They have a deep desire to serve humanity in any way they can. This is a great stepping stone for them.

Their high optimism and vision will give them clear direction on how they can achieve their desire of serving others.

In this lifetime, it’s important for a Sagittarius to constantly go through transformation and personal development.

It’s important for them to develop self-discipline and learn how to channel their energy into fulfilling their soul purpose.

The Sagittarius symbol is holding a bow and arrow, which represents a shaft of light from their Higher Mind to educate others.

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