Scorpio is the eight sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 23rd October – 21st November, you’re a Scorpio.

The Scorpio Zodiac sign is symbolized by a scorpion, representing a creature who quietly goes about their business, but has a lethal sting when threatened.

Scorpio is the second sign in the water element, alongside Cancer and Pisces.

Scorpio Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are excellent leaders. This is due to their calm, collected and assertive nature.

Although they’re under the water element, they express their emotions and sensitivity much differently to the other waters signs (Cancer & Pisces).

Scorpios are known for being very secretive and deep-thinking souls. They’re constantly pondering about themselves, others and the world in general.

They prefer to sit back and observe situations rather than get involved.

Although they prefer to remain silent, if they’re opinion is asked on a topic … they can appear as very outspoken people.

Due to their deep-thinking nature, they tend to be very interested in the hidden mysteries of the universe. More specifically around the afterlife.

These people have incredible strength which some consider the strongest out of the 12 signs. They have a unique ability to harness their emotional and physical energy, and it’s important for them to use it as they’ll feel unfulfilled if they don’t.

Their emotions are powerfully felt and they’re always willing to give their full energy and support to people they think deserve it.

By contrast, if someone upsets, offends or angers them … they’ll either strike out or walk away completely with the intention of never dealing with that person again. They can forgive, but will never forget.

Scorpios naturally have a great love and enjoyment of life while taking it seriously at the same time. They’ve got a well-balanced attitude. They can be both passionate and fun-loving, while having the ability to be serious and committed at the appropriate time.

By nature, they’ve got a very strong intuition, which makes them great for sensing out certain situations and people.

Scorpios are usually seen as brave, courageous and passionate individuals.

No matter how tough a situation is, they’ll never lose sleep over it and always find a way to overcome obstacles. They can take a challenge head on without any fear.

They’ve got a very logical mind and prefer to see or hear facts over opinions. Some of their biggest priorities are truth, honesty and integrity.

They cannot stand dishonesty, which is why they can come across as suspicious, sceptical and jealous. This is an area they must be mindful of. It’s important for them to learn and understand the different types of human behaviours.

Scorpios are very loyal people and always follow through with what they say. You’ll rarely find them breaking their promises.

When Scorpios find something they’re passionate about, they become very dedicated and focused. Once they’ve found a path or project they love, they’ll stick to it without any problem.

They’re naturally driven by power, position and money due to their highly ambitious nature. They must be mindful of their ego and stubbornness.

Scorpios love to be in control and have an incredible ability to get things done their way. This too is an area they have to be careful around, as they can be very good manipulators when they need to.

Scorpio Love and Relationships

Scorpios are the most physical souls out of the 12 signs and have an incredibly high sex drive.

Intimacy is a very important part in a relationship for them. When their partners don’t understand this nature about them, they can quickly become resentful and drawn away.

When they’re in a relationship, they are naturally the most passionate out of the 12 signs and express their emotions strongly.

However, people must understand and allow Scorpios to take their time when choosing friends or partners. They can often take a lot of time before deciding to commit as they need to build trust and respect from their associates.

They need a partner who’s intelligent and honest. Since Scorpios are honest people themselves, they expect the same back from people around them.

As we mentioned before, when Scorpios decide to commit to something, they are very dedicated and loyal. This applies to friendships, partnerships, careers (which we’ll discuss shortly), etc.

They have a high need for privacy at times, which needs to be understood and respected by their partners, family and friends.

Scorpios love to be in control, or at least equal in their relationships. If they feel less superior to their partners, this’ll quickly build up tension and resentment in their heart and they won’t be afraid to tell you.

It’s important for a Scorpio to feel you trust them. They love people who aren’t afraid to share their secrets, feelings and give them a sense of mystery. Scorpios love solving puzzles and find mysterious people very intriguing.

Scorpio Career and Finances

Due to their secretive and mysterious nature, Scorpios are naturally incredible problem-solvers and researchers.

They have a deep desire to discover hidden mysteries and solve the puzzle.

This is why they can make great careers as a scientist, psychologist, physician, researcher, detective, business manager, etc.

It’s important for them to be involved in a work which has their heart involved. This’ll give them the ability to commit long-term with high determination and ambition.

Once they’ve got their heart involved into a career, you can sit back and watch them work their way to success with their persistence, hard-work and determination.

They’ve naturally got the ability to organize, manage and lead. They know how to get the job done in a scientific and thorough approach.

Scorpios love to be in control. When they feel less superior to others, this’ll quickly build up resentment in them.

When they’re in charge, they respect their piers while having a strict eye for discipline both on their co-workers and themselves.

Scorpios are naturally drawn to areas involving finances. They find the financial markets quite interesting. They also enjoy the process of making money just as much.

They know how to stick to a budget and never overspend. They prefer to save and make decisions carefully before investing in something.

Money is very important to a Scorpio as it gives them the sense of stability and control. Sometimes they need to be mindful of not becoming too materialistic.

Scorpio Soul Mission

A Scorpio’s soul mission is to teach others how to express their emotions healthily! Surprisingly, Scorpios are the most emotional signs out of the 12 … however, they have a great understanding of how to express it.

They know how to express their emotions through physical, mental and emotional exercises whether it’s through intimacy, yoga, meditation, etc. This knowledge is meant to be shared!

They’ve also got an incredible ability to solve the puzzle.

They’re called to transform the world in a big way through solving a problem! This can be done through business, spirituality or even something just as simple as helping friends or family in need!

In this lifetime, it’s important for them to overcome greed and selfishness. They always have the urge to be in control, and must learn to self-sacrifice and take others seriously.

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