I’m sure you’re wondering: “What do you mean when you mention “seeking outside yourself?”, so let me explain.

Seeking outside yourself could be anything, whether it’s:

  • Religion
  • Constantly asking help from others
  • Asking questions about information you could easily research online
  • Etc.

Of course it’s perfectly fine to get help and guidance from people who have more knowledge than you, but that’s why this is not the problem.

The problem is when you start to look for them as your answer for everything!

What many people don’t realise is that every answer can be answered from within!

As the old saying goes:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within us” or in other words “The One, or Source is within us!”

When you learn to access Source from within you, all of your questions will be answered!

The problem is not many people know how to access the Source within them so they end up seeking outside themselves and look to others for all the answers.

What Does Seeking Outside Yourself Mean?

As we mentioned earlier, seeking outside yourself is when you look to other people for all the answers!

Something that’s very important in spirituality is learning to tune into your higher self, or Source and get all the answers you need!

Remember, Source is within us, and there, we can find all the answers we need!

When you seek outside yourself:

This can include:

  • Turning to a religion or anyone you think has the “answer”
  • You’re relying on others to give you the hidden messages behind your dreams
  • Asking others if your partner is good for you, (when that’s really up to your energy and higher truth to decide)
  • Etc

I want to emphasize that’s it’s perfectly fine when you’re getting help and guidance from someone you know has more knowledge than you but the problem is when you look to them as your “Saviour”.

When you learn to connect to Source within you, you’ll have all the answers you need!

Why Shouldn’t You Seek Outside Yourself?

The reason we want to bring this topic up is because it can have very bad consequences and we don’t want that for you!

You shouldn’t seek outside yourself because as soon as you do:

  • You open yourself up to negative energy (which allows dark sorcerers to access your energy and channel through you.)
  • People can easily mislead and deceive you.
  • You’ll slowly disconnect from Source within you
  • You’ll begin missing messages to universe is trying to send you for YOUR benefit!
  • Your intuition slowly dies
  • And so on

Just to emphasize:

I’m not saying to entirely ignore everyone else because it’s actually smart and quite powerful when you listen to the right people!

It’s just a matter of knowing which people to listen to.

You don’t have to entirely focus on seeking inside yourself

What I’m saying when you choose the right people to listen to and know which areas they have great knowledge in:

It can help your growth and spirituality greatly and you’ll be able to implement their advice!

In Conclusion

Seeking outside yourself could be anything (religion, constantly asking others for help, asking questions about information you could easily research online, etc.)

Seeking outside yourself means not thinking for yourself and relying on others to do things for you.

You can attract negative energy to yourself when you seek outside yourself!


It’s perfectly fine to listen to the right people if you’re just looking for help and guidance.

The problem comes when you see them as your “Saviour”.

When you listen to the right people, your growth and spirituality can soar to higher levels and you can implement their advice.

As soon as we seek outside ourselves, we are giving up our power which means people can mislead and deceive you as well as giving you false information.

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