I’m sure in your life you’ve experienced the feeling of being weighed down and had negative energy leaving you stuck in a pit, whether it’s yours or from others. Either way it’s horrible … which is why knowing how to send back negative energy is important.

You’ll definitely know if you’ve got negative energy affecting your life, there’s always certain signs to look for. Learning how to start sending back negative energy is crucial if you want to manage and keep it out of your psyche, believe me when I say you’ll notice a huge difference to not only your energy levels but also health!

Sending back negative energy back to the source it came from and dealing with it is the key to lifting the weight off your shoulders and freeing yourself. Think of it like the quote “the truth shall set you free”, by clearing negative energy from yourself, you’ll feel so much more liberated and balanced.

Every day you’re picking up energy without realizing because it’s that easy, it ranges from as mild as walking down the street to the more serious such as a toxic influence in your life. That’s the unfortunate reality of living in this dense 3D world but if you clear yourself daily and remain vigilant, you can keep negative energy out of your auric field.

I’m sure by now you can see that sending back negative energy is very important in keeping your auric field and life clean. It’s like showering, we do it every day to keep our bodies clean. Removing negative energy from your life is giving yourself a “spiritual” shower!

Why Is Sending Back Negative Energy So Important?

By keeping it in your life, you’ll only be setting yourself up for pain and challenges since negative energy is very draining and a huge burden to be carrying in your life. On top of that it heavily affects your auric field which in turn will block connection to the higher dimensions and Source, as well as your own path and purpose.

The trouble is not only does it affect your spiritual path and connection to the higher masters, it also spills into every other area of your life such as emotions, social, finances, relationships, and anything else related. By learning how to send back negative energy to another source, you’ll find that it will open up a whole range of opportunities for you!

A big problem in today’s world is people are carrying negative energy all the time for a number of reasons, whether from hating their career, unbalanced emotions, family dramas, financial strife or any other issue and have no idea. The way to describe it is almost like they’re dead but alive if you catch my drift.

When you’re living your path and are connected to the higher masters, you won’t feel miserable, tired, unbalanced emotionally, and weighed down which negative energy tends to do. Instead, you’ll be happy, balanced, prosperous in all areas of life and things won’t feel like constant drama, strife, or struggle … rather, it’ll be much more smooth, flowing and fulfilling.

Sending back negative energy is also very important because it’s not just your own you need to get rid of, but also anyone else’s that you may have picked up especially the closest people in your life, or others around your social circle, and if someone is toxic the best thing to do would be to cut them out of your life.

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How Is It That You Pick Up Negative Energy From Other People?

This happens because when you’re living in a planet that’s so dense and low consciousness, it’s inevitable that you’ll pick up the energies in your surroundings whether you like it or not unless you completely isolate from society or regularly be clearing yourself of any negative energy you’re picking up, as well as any you may be creating.

If you’re an empath, absorbing negative energy will be even more potent since you’re much more sensitive to energy and the environment and people around you. This means clearing yourself daily is a must to keep toxicity out of your auric field and avoid experiencing the nasty effects it results in.

The worst part is that you pick up negative energy mostly from friends and family simply because of your closer connection and association with them, especially if they’re not happy with their lives or even worse, if they mistreat you. There’s a saying which mentions that the 5 people you hang out with the most will determine your reality.

Basically it’s crucial that you’re always on guard and remain vigilant to keep negative energy out of your life, and another main key to know is always speak your truth and never allow other people to disrespect you or your boundaries. This is one of the big reasons people are carrying a lot of negative energy.

Expressing yourself and letting your emotions out also helps in terms of sending back negative energy to another source. By understanding different ways of removing any negative energy from your life, you’ll find there is more than one way you can utilize to keep it out of your energy field.

What Do You Do To Keep Negative Energy Out Of Your Life?

Clearing Negative Energy

The best way to do this is by figuring out how to discern whether negative energies are yours or someone else’s. Obviously if it’s yours you deal with whatever is going on within, but if you’re carrying someone else’s, make sure you release the energy and send it back to them instead of taking on their negative energy.

As you can see, sending back negative energy simply means setting yourself free of it depending on how it came into your field. If you’re taking any on from the mass consciousness, do something to get yourself grounded again whether by meditation, walking in nature, being creative or anything like that and remove it from your field.

Here’s some ways to send back negative energy:

  • Clear yourself daily and always remain vigilant
  • Speak your truth
  • Express your emotions and how you’re really feeling
  • Keep yourself grounded
  • Stay connected to Source and the higher dimensions

These are some effective ways to lift negative energy off yourself and from your auric field. Another very powerful way to send back negative energy is by doing an auric clearing, when you do this, it not only cleanses your aura but also personal life and other areas! There are so many different methods to send back negative energy!

One other problem with carrying negative energy is it can bring in demons, discarnates and all kinds of bad entities into your auric field which in turn brings great harm to all areas of your life. I’m sure this makes sense as negative energy is what these entities feed off of, so make sure you never let your light go dim.

What Are The Effects Of Not Sending Back Negative Energy?

By now I’m sure you can see that the consequences will be severe and not something you’ll want a part of. The big problem is the fact that not only does this affect your spiritual walk and auric field but also your health, finances, relationships and basically all other areas of your life.

Negative energy is worse than you think because of the fact it can bring in demons, discarnates and all kinds of bad entities into your life as mentioned earlier. The trouble is when these start coming in, it gets harder and more challenging since you now have evil beings to deal with on top of negative energy.

Here’s some ways you’re affected by not sending back negative energy:

  • Little to no energy
  • Feeling miserable and depressed
  • Attracting negative entities
  • Financial strife and hardship
  • Toxic relationships
  • Health problems
  • Emotional imbalances

And many more! To avoid experiencing devastating consequences like these, always stick to using the different methods mentioned earlier around speaking your truth, expressing yourself, regular auric clearings, and the other ones. Another important thing to remember is never get complacent and comfortable, remain vigilant and discerning.

In the end it all falls on you, keeping negative energy out of your auric field and life is your responsibility. Make sure you’re mindful not to project or blame whatever is going on inside you on others, think of it this way: your mind is a movie projector and whatever thoughts, emotions, and turmoil you put into it will play into your reality. Always look at what there is to clear inside you.