Setting an intention for a relationship is essential if you desire to manifest your ideal companion. Here’s why …

Many people desire to attract a relationship that’s loving, harmonious and congruent with each other’s life purpose. However, it seems that every relationship we get into falls apart.

We start thinking … “All men/women are bad” … “I’ll never find the right person for me” … “True love doesn’t exist” … Etc. It becomes part of us that love is hard to find. However, this is far from the truth. You can attract the “right person” just by setting an intention!

How is this possible?

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It’s all to do with the subconscious mind and the power of manifestation. That is, your thoughts create your reality.

When you unconsciously set intentions such as, “I always seem to attract negative relationships,” that’s what you’ll get. By contrast, when you consciously set positive intentions, you’ll attract someone aligned with your frequency. It’s called “The Law of Attraction.”

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Setting an intention for a relationship is essential if you desire an aligned partner.

Why is setting an intention for a relationship important?

The answer is quite simple. By knowing what you want, you’ll know what steps to take to achieve it.

In other words … setting an intention is important because you’ll know what you like and dislike in a relationship.

What blocks you from manifesting a desirous relationship?

Before you learn to manifest and set an intention for a relationship, it’s important for you to know what stops you from attracting one.

So … what stops you from attracting the right person? Plain and simple, the answer is you. Why? Your limiting beliefs, conditions, fears, influences, etc. restrict you from attracting the relationship you desire.

Let me elaborate …

The conscious mind is subject to the subconscious mind. Meaning, when you consciously think negative thoughts such as, “I’ll never find the right person for me,” the subconscious mind takes this literally. Furthermore, the conscious mind listens to the subconscious therefore making this your reality.

Make sense?

Nevertheless, let’s talk more about what stops you from attracting a relationship.

The first thing is, which we’ve briefly discussed already, is your limiting beliefs around relationships. These limiting beliefs most likely exist due to previous relationships, society standards, family beliefs, etc.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are:

– I always seem to attract toxic or abusive partners

– The people I like never like me back

– I always attract someone opposite to what I desire

– Etc.

However, to attract the relationship you desire … these limiting beliefs MUST be cleared. You can clear this through meditation, energy healings, affirmations, etc.

The second major restriction, which relates to limiting beliefs, is conquering your fears around relationships. This could be past issues around abuse, victimization, shyness, etc. Whatever the issue is, it must be conquered and overcome.

The final thing is how you feel about yourself. In other words, this means your perspective on a relationship. Do you see a relationship as a necessity to fill a void within you? Or as a compliment to you bring more enjoyment and love.

This is important to understand because getting into a relationship from a state of lack always results in loss. When you need someone to love you because you can’t love yourself, this shows you’re not whole in yourself. Therefore, loving yourself first and foremost is important to manifesting a desirous relationship.

How do I set an intention for a relationship?

Before I show you a practical guide, you must first know the difference between wishing for something and manifesting (or setting an intention for) something.

What’s the difference?

A wish is a desire which exists ONLY in fantasy. In other words, a wish is something you desire but don’t believe you can achieve it. When you wish for something, you have no real motivation to take action and accomplish it.

By contrast …

A manifestation is a desire which transforms into matter. It’s something you strongly desire and take the necessary actions to accomplish it.

manifesting a relationship

Step 1: Get clear on what you want

If you don’t have a reason or purpose behind your manifestation, it’s unlikely to come into reality. This is because, when you don’t have a clear intention, you won’t have a deep desire to pursue your manifestation.

By contrast, when you have a clear intention, you’ll feel motivated to achieve the manifestation. Also, your subconscious mind will respond better to something clear and precise.

However, you must also focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Here are some good examples vs bad examples:


– I desire someone who’s aligned with my frequency and shares similar values

– I desire someone who treats others with kindness and respect

– I desire someone who’s good with children

– Etc.


– I don’t want someone who’s abusive or toxic

– Please don’t give me with someone who is irresponsible

– I really don’t want someone who hates pets

– Etc.

The reason you need to focus on the positives as opposed to negatives is because how you feel influences your subconscious mind. When you entertain negative thoughts and emotions, your subconscious will put the attention on that area and create your reality accordingly. Therefore, focus your energy on the positives.

(Writing a list/affirmations will help you gain clarity on what you desire and why you desire it).

Step 2: Create/Formulate Your Intention

Once you’re clear on what you’d like to do with the wealth you attract, infuse the manifestation into your subconscious mind. Meaning, allow the manifestation to become one with you.

To do this, visualize (imagine) the relationship you desire to manifest. How does it feel? What sensations arise when you think of it? Embrace it as if you have it now.


Draw a tri-veca code on a piece of paper, and inside the middle interlacing circle … draw a figure resembling your ideal relationship.

(The image doesn’t need to be detailed as long as the intention is there.)


Inhale the code into your third eye with the goal in the middle, and relax. However, if you’re not sure how to inhale the code into your third eye, allow me to explain how you can do it.

Firstly, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Secondly, visualize the code transferring from in front of you to your third eye (which is located in the middle of your forehead). Lastly, embrace the code and allow it to become one you.

Get 3: Get Into A Deep Brain State

There’s 5 different brain states

  • Gamma
  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta

In your everyday life, you’re operating in a “Beta” brain state. This is when your mind is going quickly and thinking about many things at once. This is NOT the ideal brain state to be in while manifesting.

When you’re setting a manifestation, or desiring to get ideas … it’s CRUCIAL to get into a deep brain state. If you’re unsure on what a deep brain state is, it’s a slower, quieter and more peaceful brain state.

For example, just before you fall asleep, you enter a deep brain state. All your thoughts, emotions, burdens, etc. leave your body until you enter a sleep … which is when you’re in an unconscious brain state.

Moving forward …

Being in a deep brain state is imperative if you desire to manifest wealth. The answer is quite simple. When you’re in a deep brain state, you gain a better connection between yourself, your subconscious mind and the universe.

Read our “4 Brain States Behind Your Manifestation” for more information on this topic.

Step 4: Command The Intention

Once you’re in a deep brain state, command the intention (manifestation) to come into reality. Perform it with conviction and authority.

Belief is the key. Believe with all your heart … Avoid striving, anxiety or worry. You can do everything right, but without belief, nothing is possible. Feel it and speak of it as if your manifestation is real.

Your intention has already formed in the mind and universe … now you just need it to come into the physical world.

Speak your manifestation as if it already is done, and have gratitude.

“I command by the laws of the golden liquid realms and alchemical powers, that the tri-veca code be used to manifest a X relationship by Y.”

This is a great, simple and effective command to use.

“And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” – Isaiah 65:24

In other words, before you call (send your intention to the universe), God/Source has already answered.

Step 5: Heal The Blockages (Or Limiting Beliefs)

harmonious relationship

Once you’ve commanded your manifestation to come into form, the next step is to remove your limiting beliefs around relationships, as well as the blockages.

To attract the relationship you desire, you must let go of beliefs or thoughts holding you back. There’s many ways you can do this. You can do it through meditation, energetic clearings, healings, etc.

Step 6: Let Go And “Let God”

The final step to set an intention for a relationship may sound simple, but many people struggle to fully embrace it. That is, to let go of all expectation, and just trust.

As I mentioned earlier, belief is the key. Get rid of all striving, longing, worry, lack, emotion, etc.

Have patience, belief and have a deep knowing the universe has answered you and is manifesting the relationship you asked for.

Final Tip

I’ve mentioned this earlier but want to emphasise again. Your intention should be coming from a state of want as opposed to need. This means you desire to attract a relationship to enjoy all the benefits of it. However, wanting a relationship from a state of need can be dangerous.


This exposes you to co-dependency and, possibly, loss of your freedom. When you enter a relationship from a state of need, you’ll create a cycle of letting others solve your problems.

Furthermore, you’ll cover a void within you that must be dealt with. Therefore, take step 5 seriously and heal the blockages.

Once you heal them, you’re ready to attract the relationship you’ve always desired. Trust the universe and remember to always love yourself.

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