We’re constantly on the go in today’s world.

It’s great in one way, based on the fact we do it to earn money, raise the kids, provide food and shelter, etc.
However, it becomes very unhealthy when we put that much stress on ourselves all the time and never take any time to one extremely important thing.

That is, meditation.
Meditation is something that helps quiet the mind and allows you to take time within yourself and fast track your journey to ascension.

Why Is Meditation So Important?

It’s not an absolute must, but meditation is extremely useful to help you escape your mind for a moment, and dive into your heart.
Meditation is important because due to the amount of working and stress we put on ourselves, it gives you a way to escape your mind for a moment and reconnect with your inner being and true self.

In many ways, meditation gives you clarity on what lays ahead of you, what you’re called for and gives you the ability to regain your full potential.
Meditation is also wonderful if you’re looking to release any burdens, anxieties, worries, stress, etc.
Depending on who you are, meditation can mean anything to anyone.

What Do I Mean?

There are different ways you can meditate.

Here’s some examples:
– Putting on some meditation music and lying down
– Sitting in silence
– Lying under a tree
– Sitting or lying on the beach
And there’s many other ways.
Most importantly, meditation provides many benefits.

What Benefits Can You Receive From Meditation?

Firstly, you can release and let go of all your worries, anxieties, stresses and any other negative emotions bothering you.

Here’s some other benefits from meditation:
It helps you escape your mind and open your heart
You can connect with Source and higher beings, as well as dimensions
It relaxes your body and calms down your stress levels
Your health improves quite a bit
Helps you spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally
You can even resolve any negative issues or emotions from your past (that includes past lives too)!

How Can You Do That?

While you’re meditating, set the intention to whatever you feel you need to deal with.
Then become aware of the intention and acknowledge it.
Now become one with that memory.
Then let it go.
Afterwards, you may feel led to take some sort of physical action to resolve whatever you cleared.
Whatever you feel, do it right away.

What’s A Good Way To Start Meditation?

If you desire to meditate and haven’t done it before, here’s a quick 7 step guide what you do:

1. Choose a method which resonates with you
Whether it’s at the beach, on a mat, in the forest, on your bed, etc.
Go relax wherever you feel drawn to.

2. Find a position which feels comfortable
Once you’ve found your ideal spot to meditate, get into a position which you feel comfortable in, whether it’s sitting upwards with your legs crossed, whether you desire to just lie down, or even squat etc.
Choose a position your body feels inclined towards.

3. Close your eyes and listen to meditation music
Go on YouTube, Spotify, or anywhere you know has good meditation music you can relax to.
If you don’t feel to listen to music, that’s perfectly fine. Listen to your soul.

4. Take deep, slow breaths Once you’ve set up your music, take deep, slow breaths to get quiet your mind and get yourself into a deep brain state.
Your ultimate aim is to get to a Theta brain state where you feel asleep, but you’re actually not.
While your new to meditation, you’ll most likely fall asleep on your first couple of tries. Don’t let this dishearten you.
Everyone evolves at their own pace.

5. Slowly, allow yourself to detach from reality and your mind
Once you’re almost asleep, set the intention of detaching from reality and imagine being one with everything and connect to your soul.

6. Keep silent and see where it will take you
Feel the changes in your energy while you’re sitting/lying in silence.
Keep the stillness and see where you’re drawn to.
This may be quite difficult for a linear mind, but just allow yourself to go with the flow.
Whether it’s a message from your higher self, or a past life clearing, or maybe an instruction you need to implement when you return back to the 3D world, etc.
Seek answers from within.
Now’s your time to ask whatever you need while you remain in a deep brain state.

7. Take action and commit
After you’ve meditated, remember the feelings or sensations you got in your session.
If you received any instructions or felt the urge to do a certain task, resolve an issue, etc. make sure you take action immediately.
If you decide to start meditating, make sure you fully commit to it.
It’s not meant to be a one-off activity.
Meditation is meant to be an ongoing practice to keep yourself connected to your soul and the universe.

Here’s My Challenge For You:

Commit to 7 days of daily meditation (even if it’s just for 30 minutes) and notice the changes in your emotional, spiritual and even physical state.
See if it helps you in any way, whether you gain more clarity, fulfillment, wealth, etc.

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