Have you ever heard of the term “Soul Contracts”?

This is a very interesting topic which we believe will fascinate you. So, let’s begin.

What Are Soul Contracts?

Some people know this as “Soul Contracts”, while others call it “Soul Agreements”, whichever one it is, they both have the same definition.

Put simply:

Soul contracts (or Soul Agreements), are agreements you’ve made with the masters in past lives or the higher realms before you entered this planet.

For example, before you entered this planet, you got to choose your life mission and agreed on it with the masters.

The problem is since many of us forget our contract, we have a natural tendency as humans to break it and go off our life path.

This is when karmic consequences occur.

When you make contracts with the masters what you’re here to do, you’re expected to follow through.

When you make karmic agreements with masters in the higher realms, they are much more powerful than in this physical world.

To make this easier to understand, let me give an example:

Let’s say Fred has never entered into the planet “earth” before. He and a few ascended masters begin a conversation in the higher realms.

They start making a contract before Fred comes to earth in a physical body.

In the end, Fred decides he would like to become a great spiritual teacher and have incredible healing abilities.

The masters respond and say to him:

“We will agree to your wishes and personally teach you everything we know and bless you with incredible healing abilities, but when you incarnate into the earth, you must use this for the greater good of the planet and only use it to help and serve others, you cannot use it for personal gain and status.”

Fred listens and agrees to the contract.

Now that Fred has karmically agreed with the masters, he must follow through with his deal and not break it.

If he comes into the earth and realizes his powerful healing abilities and starts using it to become a famous celebrity and show-off, he will get severely punished by the masters.

By contrast, if he knows deep down in his soul it’s not right to use his abilities for personal status and decides to only use it for the greater good of the planet and is humble about it, he will be blessed by the masters.

If Fred doesn’t complete his soul contract in his first lifetime, he will have to keep reincarnating until it’s fulfilled.

This is why if you’re struggling in this lifetime, don’t be surprised if you somehow broke a soul contract and got karmic consequences for it.

You won’t be able to ascend until you’ve completed your soul contract and life mission.

Once you fully complete your soul agreement you made with the masters, you’ll get the choice whether or not you want to come back to this planet.

How Do I Remember My Soul Contracts?

The problem is for some people, it can be difficult.

In order to remember your soul contracts, you must be able to get the answers from your higher self.

You can do this by meditating and learning to access your Akashic Records.

Once you realise what your soul contracts are, you’ll know exactly what you’re here to do, what your unique gift is and how you’re meant to change the planet.

Before you start accessing your Akashic Records to ask about your soul contracts, we recommend you do a karmic clearing to make your energy field clear and ready to enter.

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