Have you ever met someone, instantly hit it off and thought, “I know this person!”. The chances are, you were in the same Soul Family.

So, What Is A Soul Family?

A soul family aren’t just your biological family on this earth, they go deeper than that.

Your family may be in there, but there will be many more people in it too!

You could have many members, or your circle can be quite small.

On a soul level, you and them will share many traits.

This means:

All of you would have a lot of the same strengths, weaknesses and you most likely would come from the same Soul Group.

You and your soul family would also all go through the same traumas, wounds and growth experiences in your previous lives.

Difference Between Soul Family And Literal Family:

I’m sure you’re wondering what the difference is between the two.

So, let me explain:

When you meet your soul family, you will instantly feel like you know each other because these types of families travel through many lifetimes together and never get separated!

Your family on this earth could possibly be in there.

The way you know is if you have the same connection on a soul level.

People who grow up without any of them will often feel depressed, isolated and lost.

In fact:

Lots of advanced souls on this earth choose to reincarnate into a family that’s not 100% part of their soul family!

Most of the time, we have parents who we’re here to connect with on a karmic level.

That means we are here to get rid of any karma between us which we may be carrying from many life times.

What Does This Mean?

Let me elaborate.

Have you felt resentment, anger, coldness or shame around someone in your family but you can’t work out why?

The chances are you had some bad karma together in a past life.

This could mean anything:

If you feel a strong emotion towards a family member or anyone you’ve met, this means they most likely did something to you in a past life which really broke you!

This is why karmic clearing is very important!

When they meet their soul family, they feel wanted, loved, happy and have a wonderful connection on a soul level.

How Do I Know If Someone Is In My Soul Family?

There are a few ways which will help you know:

The first one, which I’ve said before is you instantly know each other when you first meet.

Here are some others:

  • There is a sense of reunion, joy and relief when you meet, and a sense of “coming home”.
  • You often experience many synchronicities together
  • You’ll most likely have similar experiences growing up
  • You have very similar beliefs
  • You share the same pain, wounds and weaknesses, but you complement each other with your different strengths.
  • You have a lot to teach each other
  • You activate each other’s souls to a higher purpose

If you felt or experienced any of these symptoms, you’re most likely in the same soul family.

What Are The Benefits Of Reuniting With Your Soul Family?

Let me explain:

If you’ve met a soul family member, know it’s for a higher purpose.

You are exchanging gifts, healing energies and subconscious energies that will align you on your soul path.

Your soul family members can be male and female.

Your connections can be through friendship, romance, family or Twin Flame relationships, or even in business, they can be your clients!

These kind of bonds are to be valued and cherished.

In Conclusion

We all have a soul family.

We are from the same soul group whether we’re Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian and so on.

When you meet a member, you will instantly know each other!

The purpose of these families is to help each other grow and expand on your life path.

You are there to provide each other with your complimenting energies.

Your soul family members could be your friends, partners, family or even your clients if you work in business!

Your soul families will come in many different shapes, sizes and ages!

When you meet them, you will feel an instant connection!

You all share most of the same experiences, pains, strengths and even weaknesses!

Your different energies complement each other and help you on your mission for this planet!

This is why when you meet them, your connection is to be loved, cherished and valued.

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