I’m sure you’ve all heard of “spirit guides”.

It is a common term used across the spiritual community, but do you know what they really are?

What Exactly Are Spirit Guides?

I’m sure you have a basic understanding of what your spirit guides are but let me explain further for you!

All of us have our own paths in life.

We try to do it all ourselves but imagine how much easier it would be if you had guidance and support!

Well that’s what spirit guides are here for!          

They channel through to you in many different ways!

They are here to guide you on your journey in life! You can ask them many questions when you feel lost and they’ll be there to guide you!

Spirit guides bring you Divine wisdom and knowledge from many of your past lives so it can help you on this current life time!

The great thing is they have no hidden agenda. They are purely here to help you.

That’s why it’s very beneficial for your life when you connect to your spirit guides!

Did you know there are many different forms of spirit guides here to help you?!

Let me list them out for you:

Here are a list of the available spirit guides for you to connect with:

1. “The One” Or “God”

This is the Source, “God”, or what we refer to as, “The One”.

This is the most Divine of them all which has very nurturing energy.

Everyone can access this spirit guide through meditation, prayer with belief etc.


Once you learn to access The One, you must learn to let go.

Most of the time you’ll have to wait a little bit to receive the answers you’re looking for.

The universe will send you answers which will come in the form of signs and signals in unexpected places.

So connecting to The One requires patience and mastery of picking up signals from the universe 😊

2. Your Higher Self

There’s a quote that goes:

“We are not human having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

This is very true.

Our soul is actually having a human experience in our physical bodies, so this means your soul will contain lots of wisdom from all your past lives!

Your higher self is known as that tiny little voice inside you, or your “intuition”.

That’s why it’s great when you channel into yourself to gain wisdom from your soul!

3. Angels And Archangels

Guardian angels are one form of spirit guides.

When you connect with them, they are your personal angels!

They carry out the will of “God” as messengers, protectors and guides.

They are here to guide you and help you as much as they can!

Then there are archangels; they are the more specialized angels and higher level beings.

Anyone can call upon these archangels whereas guardian angels are more personal.

4. Ancestors

Did you know you can connect with your passed loved ones through the spirit realm!

When I say your “ancestors”

This means you can connect to people you have a soul-connection with, even if it’s people you haven’t met!

You can connect to them through meditation or if they feel led, they’ll connect with you through your dreams, so always look out for their messages in your dreams because they could be communicating something to you!

In Conclusion

Spirit guides are here to help you and have no hidden agenda.

There are a few different forms of spirit guides.

You can connect with them through meditation prayer with belief or even dreams!

When you dream and see someone giving you Divine wisdom for your life, you must be open to listening to it because the chances are it’s a spirit guide communicating to you through dreams!

Usually when your spirit guides connect with you through dreams, you’ll have to work out their messages because they’ll communicate to you with signals and metaphors.

To truly connect with your spirit guides, you must not be rushing around with lots of noise around you.

You must tune into your soul, go into a deep brain state and ask your soul to connect with them.

So I encourage you to tune in, meditate and see which spirit guides you feel drawn to!

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