The spiritual effects of music is something definitely worth learning!

This is because when we meditate, we listen to music.

When we desire to relax and feel happy, we listen to music.

But the question comes up, “Why is music so powerful?”

Why Is Music So Powerful?

Music is very healing for the soul, in fact, it’s so powerful, it’s now used as therapy!

Of course, it depends what type of music you listen to.

But why does music heal the soul?

Let’s get into it:

Some facts behind the spiritual effects of music are:

  • Sound improves communities
  • It creates communication and unity.
  • Music impacts us in ways other sounds don’t.


This is because it reaches deep emotional centres in our brains which others sounds can’t.

A single sound tone isn’t satisfying but when you organize it with some sort of arrangement, the music becomes incredibly powerful.

Music also releases dopamine!

Dopamine is the same nerve that gets released when having sex, eating or taking addictive drugs such as cocaine. It’s what makes things so pleasurable!

That’s why music is so amazing!

Everything is energy, and music can send off many different energies!

It reduces stress and anxiety levels!

This is why babies fall asleep so easily with lullabies, because the sound and energy of the song goes into their soul, mind and body, and fills them with love and peace.

This is the same way we feel when we listen to soothing music.

Music has been proven to affect your heart rate, pulse rate and breathing!

When you listen to certain types of music, your mind slows down, and you enter a deeper brain state.

This allows you to absorb energy much easier!

When you’re in a deep brain state listening to music, your soul feels relaxed and you become One with the world.

This allows you to absorb the positive energy around you from the trees, the sky and the universe.

Dr Mike Miller conducted a test where he allowed his patients to listen to music.

The study found when his patients liked the music, their blood vessels opened up and relaxed.

An Interesting Fact:

Did you know music can also physically heal?

Crazy, right?

I’m sure you’re wondering how, so let me explain:

A musician and acupuncturist, Fabien Maman, proved in a study that human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing colour and shape!

His studies proved sick cells could be healed or harmonized with sound!

In Conclusion

Music can be very powerful!

It quiets your mind and allows you to enter a deeper brain state which then allows you to absorb the positive energy from the trees, sky and nature around you!

The energy and frequency of the sound heals your soul, mind and body.

Music can reduce your stress and anxiety levels!

It can also physically heal you!

Fabian Maman, a music and acupuncturist, proved in a study how human cells respond to sound frequencies by changing colour and form!

So my challenge to you is to listen to a relaxing song, and allow yourself to go into a deep brain state so you can absorb the positive energy of the universe around you!

You’ll then start to see the spiritual effects of music start to kick into your life when you vibration, happiness, etc increase.

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