Whether we like it or not, tribulations, challenges and negative energies are part of life’s guarantees. Therefore, maintaining a strong and independent aura is vital. In this guide you’ll learn how to strengthen your aura for self-protection.

Let’s get straight into it …

No matter where you’re at in life or what you’re going through, there’ll always be people, events, emotions, and energies influencing your reality. The world without is a reflection of the world within. In other words, whatever you’re experiencing and feeling within yourself is what manifests into your reality. Therefore, to live a fulfilling life, strengthening your aura is essential.

Everyone and everything you see possesses a different aura (vibration). Whenever you’re talking to someone, visiting a location, attending an event, etc. your energy is at risk of being negatively influenced. That is, unless you’re strong within and know how to strengthen your aura.

For example, let’s say you have a depressed friend who smokes and drinks regularly. If you don’t have a strong aura, you’ll slowly pick up on the energies of that person. Furthermore, you’ll slowly regress to their energy wavelength and start feeling more miserable, upset, confused, etc.

That’s an extreme example but nevertheless shows the effect others’ energies have on you. Science backs this too. A study conducted by Bielefeld University explains humans and plants feed off one another’s energy source. Now … let’s continue with the guide.

Why is it Important to Strengthen Your Aura?

Firstly, I’ll give a basic definition of what “aura” is. Your aura is simply the energy you convey. It’s the vibration, enthusiasm and personality you display to others. Having a weak aura makes outside objects influence you easily. By contrast, possessing a strong aura allows you to remain independent, stable and untainted. Furthermore, having a strong aura stops you attracting bad financial situations, poor health, low consciousness relationships, etc.

Think of it like a shield in battle. If a soldier has a weak shield made of soft wood and someone attacks him … the weapon will most likely pierce straight through it. By contrast, if he has a strong shield made of metal … he’ll be well protected from attacks. The same concept applies here. Except rather than physical body, it’s your energy body.

It’s a good idea to strengthen your aura for self-protection as you’ll stay protected from negative energy attacks which affect you both internally and externally (i.e. Poor health, bad relationships, bad investments or jobs, etc.)

Your aura determines the way you see and feel about yourself as well as the impression you give off to others. One of the fastest ways to attract negative situations in your life is by not living your life purpose. Having a strong aura gives you a greater sense of your purpose and mission in life, which in turn will give you a deep feeling of happiness, peace and abundance in all areas of your life.

So, now that we’ve covered why you should strengthen your aura, let’s get into the 5 steps you can do to strengthen your aura for self-protection.

Step 1: Surround Yourself With The Right People

strengthening your aura

There’s an old saying which says, “you become the people around you”. This statement is completely accurate. If you think about the 5 main people you hang around and combine their consciousness’ together, yours will be the same.

As you would know, the people close to you have a big influence of how you behave and feel. If you’re around narcissistic or toxic people, you either need them to make a radical shift and grow with you … or you need to get rid of them. The problem is even if you have a strong energy and high consciousness … if you’re surrounding yourself with low frequency people, your energy will inevitably become drained.

Think of the bad apple example. If there’s 60 good apples surrounded by 1 bad apple, all the other 60 will become bad. The same concept applies here. If you surround yourself with others around you who aren’t willing to grow with you, you won’t get very far.

By contrast, if you surround yourself with great people who are supportive of your journey and have a great aura or energy themselves … it’ll only accelerate your growth, happiness and strength as well as theirs. Therefore, make a conscious decision to hang around people who raise your frequency as opposed to draining it.

“You can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.”


This quote conveys a great message. You can’t change the people around you, bar a miracle. However, you can change who you hang out with. If the energies of those around you don’t resonate with you, have no trouble in letting them go. Only hang out with people who inspire you to grow and make you feel good.

2. Spend Some Alone Time To Strengthen Your Aura

Spending alone time is a necessity if you desire to strengthen your aura. Let me explain why. Our mind is constantly busy with work, fears, thoughts, media, people, etc. However, finding some alone time allows you to be present and let go of all those burdens. Additionally, it allows you to recalibrate and mentally prepare you for another day.

You can read about the importance of detaching from reality and “just being” here. In our daily lives, we’re constantly worrying and stressing over earthly matters such as paying bills, putting food on the table, fitting in with society, etc. When we do these things, it slowly weakens our aura and exposes us to negative energy.

Although this can sound quite unpleasant, you’ll continue having a weaker aura until you consciously decide to change that. Spending alone time is a great start to shifting this. As Nikola Tesla said, “the mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude … originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind.”

From solitude (alone time) you’ll feel refreshed, stronger, more clarity and ready to take on the world. Furthermore, it’ll be the basis of energetically shielding yourself from negative influences. That is, the time you spend with yourself heavily determines how strong your aura is.

You’re the only person responsible for your emotions, reactions and thoughts. Additionally, you’re the only one who can change them. Spending alone time will drastically help you to improve yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

So, you may be wondering …

What are some things I can do in my “alone time?” Well, everyone has a personal preference of what they like to do by themselves so I’ll give a list of ideas. Choose what resonates with you.

– Meditate

– Walk in nature

– Go for a swim in the ocean

– Do some reading

– Listen to music

– Sit in silence

– Other

Whatever you decide, commit to doing it daily (even if it’s just 10-15 minutes a day). You can even switch things up every now and then if things get too repetitive. Your options are boundless so whatever makes you happy and stronger, keep doing it.

3. Find Hobbies You Enjoy

This step correlates to the previous one. Doing activities or hobbies helps you strengthen your aura as it stimulates joy and happiness. Without passion in your life you’ll inevitably stress and worry more often. In turn, this’ll lead to a weaker aura and make you more prone to picking up negative energy from others.

Conversely, the more often you do things which stimulate your happiness, the stronger your aura becomes. The reasoning behind this is because when you’re in a better mental state … you’ll start to stress and worry less. Also, you’ll feel happier and more productive.

Therefore, find a fun activity or hobby you love and start doing it more often. You can either do them by yourself or with friends/family. Do whatever your heart desires.

You may find you enjoy doing:

– Some form of creative expression (such as art, drawing, painting, music, singing, dancing, writing, etc.)

– A sport or exercise

– Cooking

– Going out with your loved ones

– Reading

– Photography

– Other

As I mentioned previously, the more often you do activities which stimulate your joy, the stronger your aura becomes. You’ll feel more energetic, excited and passionate about life. Also, you’ll start focusing on positive energy as opposed to negative.

4. Set Positive Affirmations

The next step is to set positive affirmations based around strengthening your aura. You can do this either by writing it on notes/paper, meditating on your thoughts or proclaiming to the universe every day you become stronger. I personally enjoy meditating on my thoughts however you may be different to me. Trust your judgement and decide which one resonates with you.

Setting positive affirmations helps strengthen your aura as it influences your emotions. In a sense, it’s like manifestation. Meaning, when you set affirmations, you’re manifesting a stronger aura. When doing this it’s also important to get rid of doubt.

You may be wondering … what affirmations would I use to strengthen my aura? The answer is quite simple. Whatever the universe gives to you is what you should use. It can be something as basic as, “each and every day my aura gets stronger.” Or, it could be, “My aura and energy is untainted and cannot be easily influenced.”

Another option is to use the statement, “I am …. “. The reason for this is because the words “I am” are two of the most powerful words combined together in manifestation. It speaks who you are at this present moment. You can say something such as, “I am gaining a strong aura and every day it gets stronger.”

However, do whatever you feel lead to. You can write down the messages you get from the universe or self-proclaim encouraging words to yourself. This’ll help you feel stronger within yourself, bring you to the present, and encourage you to increase your overall happiness.

5. Get Your Body And Living Environment In A Clean State

strengthen your aura

The fifth and final step to strengthen your aura for self-protection is to shift your physical state. Allow me to explain why. The external is a reflection of the internal. When your physical state is messy and chaotic, it’s revealing a direct expression of your internal self.

For example, when you’re mentally unprepared and disorganized, things seem to go missing or junk continues piling up in your living environment. Or if you have low self-esteem, chances are your physical body will suffer in some way – whether it’s a sickness, losing weight, gaining weight, etc.

Therefore, not only should you keep your mental, spiritual and emotional body clean … but you must take care of your physical body. Maintaining a nice living environment also drastically helps you strengthen your aura.

I strongly recommend you take time to keep your living environment clean as well as your body. This can be by cleaning, exercising, playing a fun sport, eating well, walking, etc. There’s a lot of options you can do to maintain good physical health. You can even learn how to manifest perfect health!


If you’re easily influenced by the negative energies around you, then it’s absolutely critical you learn how to strengthen your aura! If you don’t … chances are you’ll continue manifesting a reality you don’t desire.

By following the 5 five given steps above, you’ll build a strong aura in no time! When you have a strong aura, you don’t get influenced by negative energy easily. Additionally, your overall happiness and passion increases. Therefore, I’d recommend you take the time to strengthen your aura.

Thank you for reading!


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