I’m sure you’re wondering, “What do you mean by suppressing your true feelings?” So let’s get into it.

There’s a saying that goes, “Behind the smile, a hidden knife!” which is an ancient Chinese proverb describing passive-aggressive behaviour.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the spiritual consequences of passive-aggressiveness and how suppressing your true feelings affects you and others!

What Is Passive-Aggressive?

The NYU Medical Centre defines a passive-aggressive individual as someone who may appear to comply or act appropriately but in reality, they actually behave negatively and resist you inside.

Passive-Aggressive behaviour can range from relatively mild, such as making excuses for not getting together or even very serious, such as affecting someone’s well-being and success!

How Passive-Agressiveness Affects You and Other People

It affects you because you’re suppressing what’s inside of you and not expressing how you truly feel.

Unfortunately as soon as you do this, you’ll attract karma and negative energy for yourself because passive-aggressive individuals hate confrontation. The more you hold feelings within, the more tension and negative energy that gets built up.

When you hold resentment, anger, bitterness, etc towards someone and constantly think negatively of them, you could unconsciously place a curse over them. In turn, this could affect their finances, relationships, happiness, etc. I can tell you this from personal experience.

In serious cases when you constantly think negatively of someone and put a curse over them, without realizing, you’re actually practising dark magic. This type of passive-aggressive behaviour attracts serious karmic consequences.

If you continue suppressing your true feelings and don’t deal with them, they build up inside until one day you won’t be able to handle it anymore.

So what happens?

You’ll blow up emotionally and hurt other people as well as yourself! You’ll then play the victim and take no responsibility for the reaction that follows!

Scary isn’t it?!

Here’s an interesting fact:

Most passive-aggressive people have four common characteristics:

1. They’re unreasonable to deal with.

2. They’re uncomfortable to experience.

3. They rarely express their hostility directly.

4. They repeat their subterfuge behaviour over time.

How Do I Know If Someone or Myself Is Being Passive-Aggressive?

Here’s a list of actions passive-aggressive people commonly take. Analyse each of them and see if anyone you know (or yourself) does many of the following.

1. Communicate to you by notes, text or email because they hate confrontation.

2. They hold in resentment and then blow up emotionally

3. They keep a mental list of all the things you’ve done wrong and will never forget it!

4. They hold grudges and this resentment builds.

5. Suddenly giving you the cold shoulder, silent treatment, punishment.

6. When you’re walking away, they will say something negative and may unconsciously be putting curses, or negative energy on you!

7. They will not take responsibility for what they say and are always the victim.

When people are being passive-aggressive, they often go through a mini-cycle of how they express themselves.

Their cycle is:

1. Say something passive-aggressive

2. Not take responsibility for the reaction that follows

3. Fall victim to the consequences of their original action.

In Conclusion

Passive-Aggressive people appear to respect and act appropriately but they actually behave negatively and resist you without expressing it!

If you’re passive-aggressive, you’re someone who acts casual, cool and positive towards someone, when in reality you don’t actually like that person but you’re suppressing your true feelings towards them and not showing it.

Their behaviour can range from relatively mild to very serious, and Passive-Aggressiveness does not just affect you, but it also affects other people!

How you may ask. Well did you know when you have lots of negative thoughts towards someone and don’t express it with them, you could be unconsciously projecting negative energy on them and in serious cases … even a curse!

This can affect their finances, relationships, lifestyle and much more!

By unconsciously placing a curse on someone, in serious cases … you can be practising dark magic without realising! This attracts serious karma.

Passive-Aggressive people hate confrontation and communicate through notes, text or email. Whenever you walk away, they will say something negative and throw a negative “jab” at you.

They don’t take responsibility for what they say and are always acting as the victim.

Their cycle is:

  • Say something passive-aggressive
  • Not take responsibility for the reaction that follows
  • Fall victim to the consequences of their original action

We need to express our true feelings more often and not hold in resentment, otherwise you’ll be unconsciously projecting negative energy and in serious cases, a curse which’ll affect their life in some way!

If you know you’re suppressing your true feelings towards someone, find a way to express it to them (or vise versa) because it’s better for them to know how you feel about them, rather than hiding your true feelings, affecting your own energy and theirs!

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