Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 20th April – 20th May, you’re a Taurus.

The Taurus Zodiac sign is symbolized by a bull, representing a creature with a great amount of strength and endurance.

Taurus is the first sign in the earth element, alongside Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

Being an earth sign, these people naturally have the ability to see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective.

Like a bull, these people are naturally very easy going and quite slow to anger. However, when you get them angry, you’re in for a ride. When they get really mad, they become a powerful force of nature that can only be stopped when all their energy is used.

One of a pure Taurus’ biggest priorities is stability. It doesn’t matter whether it’s financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc, they absolutely need stability.

Possessions and assets are important to a Taurus because it gives them a sense of stability.

However …

Although they love stability, this doesn’t make them boring.

Most of the time, structure and routine is important for these people.

They love anything which stimulates the senses as it’s their avenue of expression. It’s important for them to have possessions which feels right for them based on their senses of touch, smell, taste, etc.

It’s why they can be very picky when choosing clothes, food, music, incense, etc.

This is why good food is vital for them, as it nourishes their spirit. Appealing fragrances, fabric which feel good to their touch, etc are all very important to them too.

They are also extremely sensitive to the environment and surroundings around them.

Taureans are one of the most stable signs out of the 12. This gives them a heavy advantage in some areas of life.

For example …

When they decide to commit to a project or task, they won’t stop until they’ve reached their goal, even if it takes a long time. They prefer to take the slow and steady approach to achieving their goals.

In some cases, due to their earthly nature … they can come across as overprotective, conservative and materialistic.

Just like a bull, they are naturally very stubborn. This can be both good and bad.

Their stubbornness can work very great for them as they won’t stop pushing until they reach their goals in life and getting what they desire … but on the other end, their stubbornness sometimes gets them into trouble by never listening to other’s advice.

By nature, a Taurus is naturally very loyal to those they care about.

Since they crave stability, they struggle to cope with sudden changes.

Emotional security is very important to these people – which can sometimes result in too much reliance on a partner to totally commit to them and their daily life.

These people are naturally very trustworthy, stable, loyal and make very good friends.

They can also be very helpful to people who’s falling behind on errands, tasks, projects, etc because of their caring nature.

Taurus Love and Relationships

Understanding how a Taurus ticks in relationships is important. These people need partners or friends who share the love of food and good things in life as themselves, and who will be tactile and supportive.

They are very romantic by nature. Since they are very loyal and crave stability … when they feel intimate with someone, they need to make sure they keep their emotions in check as they have a tendency to become quite needy.

Since they naturally have a loyal nature, Taureans love to be generous to those they love.

Taureans are very sensitive by nature, and they need a partner who’s loyal, affectionate and classy.

Although they have a soft spot for their loved ones, anyone who breaks their boundaries have to deal with the fiery bull!

Public image and reputation is very important to a Taurus, so they need a partner who understands this and won’t embarrass them in a social setting.

Taurus Career and Finances

Taurus’ usually love money and materialistic possessions and are willing to work hard for it.

As we’ve mentioned before, stability is very important to these souls. This is why they have no fear chasing their dreams … even if it takes years.

Money usually comes relatively easy to these people especially when they’re in their true soul … since their stubborn nature makes them persist until they’ve reached their goals.

In their career, it’s important for them to feel a sense of stability and routine.

They are very good with finances. They’re able to make due with a small salary just as well as a large salary.

They need a career which allows them to feel comfortable, trusted, stimulates their senses, stable and working towards a bigger picture or goal.

When you give a Taurus a profession they love … you can sit back and enjoy watching the show. You’ll notice their persistence, endurance and determination as they won’t quit until they’ve reached what they desire, no matter how long it takes.

Careers which work well for them are project managers, bankers, chefs, artists, interior designers, executives, etc.

Even for some, self-employment or entrepreneur works well for them. They just need to make sure they’re business is well-funded and backed to feel stable. They’ll feel much better if they have a partner who handles the public relations and marketing too.

Taurus Soul Mission

A Taurus’ soul mission is to spread mindfulness to others around them. Since they generally love the outdoors and practises such as yoga or meditation, they can become very great teachers in these areas.

Even in some cases, they may feel the call to teach people on wilderness retreats! Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to live outside the box!

For some Taureans, creativity or music could’ve been encouraged to them at a young age. If it was, this is highly beneficial for them!

Since they are lovers of the senses, beauty and art … they naturally know how to bring in emotion to music.

If they’ve picked up singing or a music instrument and play it in adulthood (or even childhood), they can bring in a healing and transformative energy to those around them.

Their creative or even mechanical abilities can be used to heal and transform those around them!

In this lifetime, it’s important for these souls to learn how to establish high spiritual values over material desires. They are naturally very materialistic and learning how to overcome this is crucial.

With practise, it’s very easy. 😊

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