You may be wondering “What are soul gifts?”

Let me explain:

When your soul was being created, you were given abilities and traits that define you as a Divine being.

You don’t have to learn about what they are and how to use your abilities because they come so naturally to you!

Your soul gift is one main reason for why you behave like you do. It plays a big part of your personality.

Knowing what your soul gift is can help you massively in finding your life purpose and path!

Everyone has one primary soul gift, and one secondary.

These gifts are defined as “energy centres” and there are eight different types of soul gifts.

They are:

1 – Divine Compassion

People who are Divine Compassion are the souls on this earth who are caregivers and empathetic. They love taking care of people, the community and even our crops!

These people enjoy helping others so much, that sometimes they can drain their energy because of it!

Their compassion, empathy and love for helping others can sometimes not serve them if they completely forget about their own needs.

These people are so focused on helping others that they sometimes forget to create for themselves.

2 – Divine Creation

People who have the soul gift of Divine Creation are the souls on this earth who are brilliant at creating just about anything – whether it’s a building, a program or even manifesting wealth!

They thrive in new experiences, and are very physical by nature. These are the types of people who would climb Mount Everest, travel the world or even bring in new Wi-Fi capability!

Money is very important to these souls as they love to give it back to the community and use it for their own adventures!

The problem for these people is they tend to be so physical, they have a chance of getting addicted to something which isn’t good for them, such as … drugs, too much sex, alcohol, etc.

3 – Divine Order

Without these souls, the world would be chaos! These people bring beauty, art, balance and order to just about everything!

These people highly value fairness, peace, balance and harmony. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about creating a beautiful and balanced environment or about supporting the rights of our citizens.

Since they love harmony so much, they tend to avoid conflicts or drama. These souls tend to be quiet and reserved because they enjoy doing their work quietly and effectively.

These people are perfectionists. They have very high expectations for themselves.

4 – Divine Love

People with Divine Love soul gift are the lovers of this earth. They are the healers and the ones who love reaching out to others.

These people don’t care what their profession is as long as they get to help people in some way!

These people tend to give even when others don’t ask for it. Love just comes so naturally to them and they just want to share it with everyone they care for!

Sometimes, it can be a problem for these people as they tend to overly give with their time and love.

5 – Divine Self-Expression

People with Divine Self Expression love to speak!

This is why you’ll often find most teachers are Divine Self Expression!

These people can give so much brilliant information, especially when they have an engaged audience! They do this through words or music, as long as the energy is rapidly flowing within them. When they know people are listening to them, their natural gifts of directing will arise!

These people have a tendency to talk so much, that it eventually can frustrate people.

6 – Divine Truth

People with Divine Truth are the ones who give the truth out to us in very few words! They have an incredible gift of insight and observation.

The problem they find is they tend to hold back on speaking their truth because of the need to self-protect, since their words can often hurt people’s feelings.

Most of the time, people with Divine Truth are told to be quiet and behave as a child … which eventually makes them become the silent type.

When they realize their true potential, they are very gifted in bringing peace and reassurance to us!

7 – Divine Power

People with Divine Power tend to get whatever they want, whenever they want! These people are total action-takers! While everyone is waiting for their dreams to come true, these people have already done it multiple times!

These people highly value freedom. They love to be their own boss and hate being told what to do! Their self-determination and energy makes them natural leaders!

They just need to consider the pace of which others work, which is nearly never as fast or effective as theirs.

Although these people are very energetic, they are also very sensitive to energy around them, so it’s important for them to take time and space away from the noise to regenerate.

Sometimes, these people can have psychic abilities!

8 – Divine Wisdom

People with Divine Wisdom always get to the point in very few words.

Common sense is essential to these people and they can get very frustrated at people who “don’t get it”. These people always give great advice

While everyone else might be running high on emotions, people with Divine Wisdom always remain grounded and thoughtful. They are always ready to support others with principled and practical advice.

These people make excellent coaches.

The problem with them is they can sometimes feel the need to separate from society, which can make them feel lonely.

So, that’s a summary of all the soul gifts!

To know which soul gifts you are, tune into your heart and feel which two resonate with you.

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