I’m sure you’re fully aware of what thoughts are.

Our minds are constantly busy thinking about different topics, people, situations, etc.

According to research, we’ve got around 70,000 thoughts per day or so.

However, did you know thoughts are things?

Thanks to movies like Lucy, The Sixth Sense etc. people now have a bit of an idea, but it actually goes deeper than that.

What Do I Mean By “Thoughts Are Things?”

This means thoughts are more than we perceive … because they actually create our reality. (There’s been plenty of teachings around this particular subject by different scientists and researchers.)

The reason they create your reality is because they’re made up of a specific substance (which is consciousness), which means they are actually frequencies!

This makes it obvious that certain thoughts have higher frequencies than others.

Let me elaborate on this.

Thoughts are powerful because whenever you think of something and put your focus and energy into it, that thought can manifest into your reality!

You may be wondering, “How?”

Like I mentioned before, thoughts are frequencies and energy. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you project a lot of hate and anger towards someone.

That very thought will manifest into reality if you put enough focus and energy into it. Due to the law of karma, this means you can get very sick and feel emotionally unstable!

I’m sure you can think of a scenario when this happened to you or someone else.

However, that’s just an extreme example.

By Contrast

If you project love, light and abundance within yourself and others, you’ll manifest according to that whether it’s relationships, finances, your goals etc.

So either, your thoughts can be projected for positive purposes, or negative and darker purposes.


You get affected tremendously by which thoughts you accept into yourself.

Whatever you’re thinking and directing your thoughts towards has a huge effect, whether positive or negative.

How Does It Affect You?

It affects you because since our thoughts are frequencies and connected with Fire Letters, when you think about something long enough, whatever that thought you put a lot of energy into manifests into your reality.

Click here if you haven’t read about Fire Letters

For example, let’s say you were doing really well financially.

But then you start thinking something like “I’m concerned I might go broke or become very stingy with my money”.

The problem is, when you think this thought over and over again, sure enough, one day you’ll miraculously go broke!

How Do I Change My Thinking?

The best way to change your thinking is to realize thoughts without direction creates chaos.

Whereas by contrast, when you put a clear intention behind a thought, you’ll feel ordered and non-chaotic.

Let’s use an example:

You’re thinking of making a certain amount of money (Let’s say your goal is $200,000 per year).

Instead of just having thoughts about it and nothing happens, set a clear intention behind that and direct your thoughts to manifest the goal into your reality.

Another example:

Let’s say you’re thinking negative and hateful thoughts towards someone.

Instead of focusing on it and putting lots of energy into that, direct your thoughts elsewhere to something productive (get busy, walk in nature, forgive that person etc.)

The point is, make sure you’re constantly directing your thoughts and taking charge of your reality.

Remember this always: We’re not here to be a victim of our own thoughts.

How Can You Take Charge Of Your Reality?

  • Whenever you think something very negative or feel a bad thought pop in for no reason, be quick to reject it and don’t allow it into your consciousness.
  • If you’re feeling sick for example, and start thinking to yourself “I’m sick”, guess what you’ve just done? That’s now in your reality.
  • Instead of thinking and believing you’re sick, direct your thoughts to something like “I’m healed, sure physically it may not look that way, but I know I’m getting better and better, I trust in Source”. Make sense?
  • Whenever something happens to you, instead of thinking “how could this happen to me, I didn’t deserve this” or something negative, change your thinking and realize whatever happens to you is a result of your past 1000 thoughts and choices, then get down to the source of it, heal that and make it right.
  • If you’ve got a goal in mind, make sure you set a manifestation around that and direct your thoughts to manifest it into reality.

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