The movie ‘The Matrix’ is one of the best movies about our current society.

The Wachowski brothers (movie directors) were certainly enlightened individuals. Clearly, they’d been awakened within.

The movie is about humans being imprisoned in a virtual world by an artificial intelligence system, and what they take to be reality is actually a computer program jacked into their brains to keep them unconscious.

Everything that happens in the virtual simulation is made of AI-generated codes. Sadly this is exactly how our world is today!

The difference is instead of AI, it’s psychopathic governments and instead of a code, it’s narrative.

Society is made of narrative like the Matrix is made of code!

That is, language, behaviour, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, politics, money etc. only exist inside the mental noises in our heads.

Anyone who’s experienced a moment of mental stillness knows that without the chatter, none of those things exist.

There’s not even a ‘you’, because it turns out that’s made of a narrative too, and everything you see is an illusion.

The way consciousness works is not just our hologram we create, but the hologram from the mass mind.

For example, the mass mind believes there’ll always be traffic at a certain time because it’s peak hour. In turn, that manifests into reality.

There’s even a hologram from governments and high level masters. Did you know Jesus and Buddha could manipulate consciousness?

Unfortunately, most governments now misuse their powers for evil. Without mental narrative, nothing is experienced but sensory impressions appearing to a subject with no clear shape or boundaries.

When you start to add in the mental chatter, everything is divided and labelled.

You can go days, weeks, months or years without noticing the sensations of air going in and out your respiratory system or your feet on the ground. 
Your attention gets sucked up into a relationship with a society that exists solely as narrative.

The government are the master manipulators and unfortunately, they’ve learned the secret that every ruler has since the dawn of civilisation:

  • Whoever controls the narratives believed by a society controls that society.

The good news is:

It’s possible to wake up from the Matrix.

It takes inner work and humility. In order to relate to life outside the Matrix, you’ve got to create a new operating system for yourself.

It’s hard work and takes real commitment. You need to be really committed to your spiritual journey, declare yourself and invest in the process.

You’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way … but eventually, you’ll get clear of the programming.

Once you start getting clear of the program:

  • They will try to pull you back in
  • Your rejection of the Matrix will come off as a threat to many of your friends, and loved ones.
  • You will see people turn into Agent Smiths right in front of your eyes. 
  • They will shame you
  • Put guilt on you
  • And try to throw every manipulation tool they have to get you back in the Matrix.

In Conclusion

Set yourself free from the fear-soaked narratives of society, and let the true beauty of our world flood your senses.

There’ s a few ways you can set yourself free:

1. You work it out yourself

2. You can go do work with a master

3. We have courses and programs we’re looking at doing to help you get free from the holographic matrix. If you’re interested in discussing further, tell us what you need at and we’ll give you the next step.

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