I’m sure you’ve heard about a crystal.

They are very shiny and look amazing, but did you know Crystal rocks can actually be used for healing?!

It’s been proven to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually!

It’s incredible right?

But how do they heal?

That’s a great question!

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Anyway, let’s get into it!

How Do Crystal Rocks Heal?

Crystal rocks have been proven to heal!

Let me explain how:

The reason crystal rocks heal so good is because it reacts positively with your body’s energy field (or chakra).

The crystal picks up all your thoughts as well as your unique vibrational energy, but did you know Crystals can not only heal, but some can actually increase your concentration and creativity!

It’s amazing right?

The reason it’s good to use crystals is because it heals you as well as connects you to Mother Earth.

There have been a few researchers who did a few studies and concluded the power contained in the crystals are in the “eye of the beholder”.

That means the power of the crystal comes from the person’s belief.

Using crystals is a great alternative healing tool!

What Can Crystals Do?

There are many things crystals are brilliant for!

By using crystals you can do things such as:

  • Create an intention and use the crystal to help you manifest it, now of course, you’d need to take some action in making your manifestation come into reality, but crystals are a great help for that.
  • Connect back to Mother Earth while healing yourself
  • And so on.

Crystals remind us to quiet our mind and reconnect to the healing vibrations of Mother Earth.

Why Do Crystals Work?

I mentioned previously about how the crystal picks up on your unique vibrational energy and auric field, but let me explain further:

A scientist named “Marcel Vogel”, conducted an experiment.

He put the crystal under a microscope and had some thoughts in his mind; what he found was amazing!

He noticed the crystal’s shape turned into whatever he was thinking!

He also proved that rocks can store thoughts similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound.

Astonishing right?

In Conclusion

Crystals look beautiful on the surface, but did you know they are great healing tools!

They have been proven to store your thoughts and help manifest those thoughts into reality!

The reason crystals work is because, as Albert Einstein says, “Everything in life is vibration”.

A crystal helps you quiet your mind and reconnect you back to the healing vibrations of Mother Earth.

I personally have never tried crystals but I’ve done a lot of research on them and I’m planning on trying a few out in the future 😉

If you haven’t tried out crystals yet, I highly recommend you take this journey with me!

Before you purchase your crystals:

I suggest you read this book which will guide you from the very beginning on how to use crystals!


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