I’m sure you know water is good for you, and we all know at least 70% of our body is water. However, the true power of water is very unknown in society today.

What is The Power of Water?

Let’s look into it:

We all know water is a big part of what keeps us alive and healthy.

But did you know it can even affect your life?!

How Does It Affect My Life?

Well there’s many ways. These can include your:

  • Energy
  • Health
  • Skin
  • Healing
  • And the list goes on!

How Does Water Affect These Things?

Well, whatever you’re thinking while you’re drinking water will have an effect on your reality, whether they’re positive or negative!

For example, when you’re feeling sick, as you’re drinking water, if you think:

“I am healed and feel magnificent” and fully believe it, you’ll notice your health will come back very shortly!

It’s amazing isn’t it?! Water is one of the best manifestation tools you can use!

Did you know the way your body feels physically and emotionally is based off the thoughts you put into all the water you’ve drunk in the last three days?!

Fascinating isn’t it?!

What Other Uses Does Water Have?

It has many more! Did you know you can use water to:

  • Heal yourself.
  • Clear your skin
  • Help increase your energy

Amazingly, water can even be used in energy healing!

How Exactly?

When you heal yourself with energy, taking a sip of water can help flush out all the negative entities, as well as helping you integrate faster!

Incredible right?!

What Else Is Powerful About Water?

There’s many more, such as:

  • Water flushes out toxins from inside your body.
  • Water is related to codes.
  • Etc.

Lastly, you can clear your skin drinking water!

These can include:

  • Eczema
  • Skin irritations
  • Etc.

How Is That?

It works like this:

By drinking lots of water, you’re effectively clearing out toxins which makes you healthier.

You also want to stay hydrated to keep your skin clear.

In Conclusion

Whatever you’re thinking while drinking water has an impact on your life whether they’re positive or negative.

Water can be used in healing!

You can process clearings faster with water!

Water can also be used to clear your skin.

So from now on, whenever you take a sip of water, I encourage you to remember the true power of water and think very positively.

You’ll see the difference in your energy and vibration!

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