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Soul groups is a very fascinating topic!

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you immediately felt like you already knew them?

Well chances are, you both are from the same soul group!

You may be wondering, “What is a soul group?”

Let me explain:

Our physical bodies are from planet earth as we know.


Our souls come from different planets!

Planets you may have never heard of!

These are called “Soul Planets!”

Every soul group has a different mission on this planet.

There are 6 main types of soul groups.

Types of Soul Groups

Alpha Centaurian

If you’re part of the Alpha Centauri soul group, you tend to be very mentally strong, uncomfortable physically, and you run a lot of your energy in your upper body.

These people are very protective, mentally advanced and service oriented. They have a very unique energy and tend to be loners because of it. They have a lot of social anxiety because of what happened to their soul planet, which is a very interesting topic to learn about!

This type of soul group is highly competitive, and hate being told what to do. They are their own bosses!

These people are very practical. They are great technical thinkers and like to use that thinking to apply it to the earth.

Alpha Centaurians also tend to be very emotionless. They have a lot of love but they have trouble expressing it outwardly.

The challenges Alpha Centaurians face is they have trouble in the physical sense, and they tend to be very lonely.

Their mission for the planet is to protect the earth. They are the protectors of this planet!


People in the Hadarian soul group are very spiritually advanced and are usually holding the soul gift of Divine Love! They are very absorbing people which is why the world can seem very harsh to them!

These people tend to be very fearful of crowds, and slow to meet people and make new friends. This is because of what happened to their soul planet!

Hadarians are very loving people! They are empathetic and are feelers! They have a great intuition and sense for energy of people, places and things!

The challenges Hadarians face is with relationships. They tend to be too loving that they get into an abusive relationship and because they love too much, they think things such as, “Oh, it’s going to be all fine. He/she just needs more love from me!”

A Hadarians mission on this planet is to bring their gift of love to humanity!


People with the Blueprinter soul group have an incredible sense of how the world is meant to be.

The Earth is meant to be an experiment where we can live in physical bodies and have fun, but somewhere along the way the world got negative influences that changed the world in a bad way.

They are very dedicated to the evolution on mankind!

The Blueprinter’s mission is to work on restoring the world’s original form which is happiness, joy and creativity. They are great visionaries!

The Blueprinter soul group has 5 main categories:

  1. Originators

When the One created the planet; the Originators were the ones who built up the Blueprint and plans of the earth. They are very gifted with magical qualities and are very wise.

The physical world for these people is so tough and overwhelming, they sometimes get discouraged and forget about their power.

  • Designers

Blueprinter Designers are very creative. They take the knowledge from the Originators and do the “hands on” work. The Designers’ mission is to use the knowledge from the Originators and to bring beauty, colour and aesthetics back to the world.

These people are big on creating whatever they think is good and beautiful.

They are very good at coordinating people and projects. They, like the Originators, also can’t handle the physical world very well, but do handle it differently to the Originators.

  • Technicians

Blueprinter Technicians are very mentally strong and good at technical and analytical thinking. However, they are not good at applying their technical thinking to the world. So they prefer to use their thinking to create theories. They are very detail-oriented and can form a perfectly organized theory.

You’ll find a lot of Technicians use writing, coaching or preaching to encourage the true human potential to those around them.

  • Deliverers

Blueprinter Deliverers are very spiritual and interested in teaching others about spirituality. They have ancient wisdom of what the earth is meant to be and its original form. They understand what the true human potential looks like!

The amazing thing about these people is they can work with people who are not so spiritual whether it’s a social undergo, or a well-paid professional with no purpose in their life.

Blueprinter Deliverers are very gifted at helping others find their soul gifts. They have a gift of insight about the best fit job, career paths and social role for other people. This is a beautiful gift to bring to the world.

An interesting fact about Deliverers is when they are first born into this world, they have a very tough childhood. This is to teach them about misalignment so they can use their own experience to help others!

The earth is in a major transformation now. Their mission is to lead the crowd through it!

  • Changers

Blueprinter Changers are the one of the rarest soul groups. There’s a very small number of them in the world.

They have warrior spirits who are on a soul-guided mission.

These people feel very intensely and care much more than others. These are the people who change the world. These people have a burning desire to be a force of good in this world. They are strongly connected with their vision and believe there’s a better way.

Everything you do in life, must have a cause. You won’t do it for the fame, the status or popularity, you will only do it if it helps the world in some way!

These people are very inspiring! Most of them have a very tough upbringing because it shapes them into who they are today and so they can use that experience to help others!

That’s a summary of the 5 Blueprinter categories.

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