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Mission Realmer

Mission Realmers were meant to govern the Earth.

They were never intended to come into this planet in a physical body which is why they tend to be very uncomfortable with the world and they tend to feel like they don’t belong here.

They came onto this earth in a very strange way, and it’s still being researched into exactly how they got on this planet, but I’m not going to go into any detail about that

They are very high energy, and a lot of Mission Realmers are very creative and artistic! They are very psychic, whether they admit it or not and naturally have a very good intuition!

This soul group is very rare and are very spiritual! They are natural healers, in the big sense. Their energy itself is healing to people because of how peaceful and insightful it feels!

These people are here to be leaders and role models but they need time and education to find their mission.

The challenges Mission Realmers face is they feel like they don’t belong on this planet.

They also have a tendency to buy into guilt trip and they tend to stay victimized.


People in the Pleiadian soul group know exactly how to be successful in this new age because it’s in their DNA!

Pleiadians naturally have a very feminine and powerful energy!

They sometimes can be quite passive speaking their truth, which comes from their hurt and wounds in past lives.

However, when that hurt is removed, it makes their communication a lot clearer and more accepted!

They are very fast-paced and prefer to skip steps when in a learning process but sometimes they need to learn to slow down.

Pleiadians also have a sensitive and empathetic side, and a deep knowledge of spirituality (which is why many of them tend to be lightworkers)!

Their mission for this planet is to inspire us to rise to the rare opportunity of ascension!


People in the Sirian soul group are much more spiritually advanced than us!

Sirians tend to be very uplifting people full of hope for the future!

They are very committed to healing the planet!

Sirians are very dedicated and service-oriented people! They are very grounded in the physical world but and yet are spiritually evolved beyond the 3rd dimension!

People in this soul group are very analytical thinkers and well-organized.

Sirians love improving things.

However, they tend to be stuck in themselves which holds them back from making big improvements to help the planet!

Sometimes, Sirians have very tough past lives, and this includes power struggles or misuse of power which often leads to negative karma put on them that need clearing in this current lifetime!

So that’s a summary of the six main soul groups!

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