Did you know your own pet may be able to see the supernatural?
Animals are always very fascinating.
From dogs, cats, snakes, crocodiles, fish, sharks and more across the world.
They can do many amazing things.

However, one of their most amazing abilities, if not their greatest, is their ability to see or sense spirits.
This means they can literally see the supernatural, ranging from ghosts (people who died and are still stuck in this realm), or a spirit in somebody else and even negative/positive entities hanging around at your house!

How Can They See Spirits?

Animals are able to see spirits because they’re at one with nature.
They have a simpler way of living, whereas us humans tend to complicate things.

Just like us, animals are naturally born with an incredibly strong sixth sense.
The difference is they never lose it.


This is because they don’t have to go through the same brainwashing cycle as us.
That is, getting vaccinated, fluoride, school system, media, etc. all using different tactics to calcify our third eye and intuition.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice nothing gets in the way for animals. They know they’re purpose and how they’re meant to live.
They even know how to hunt their prey.

Animals also don’t get in their heads as much and can use their hearts more often.
The point is, animals can see spirits because they don’t get brainwashed, they use their hearts and live more simply than us humans.

Why Can’t People See Spirits As Much?

One key reason is because as we grow up, we tend to disconnect from Source and get blocked up energetically which means we cannot see the spirits.

We also tend to complicate things and get too logical ( in our heads) and not enough in our hearts.
As we mentioned before, our conditioning and the way we were raised also plays a big part in that.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Did you know children can often see spirits?
The problem is when they try to tell their parents, they’re told it’s crazy.

Children are able to see spirits because like animals, they have a simpler way of living, have pure and innocent energy (due to less conditioning), plus they don’t get in their head and doubt like many adults tend to do.

The problem is, conditioning and growing up, getting jobs etc. can really disconnect us from being one with everything.
Being called crazy as well doesn’t help.

When Do Animals See Spirits?

Have you ever noticed that your dog is seemingly barking at nothing?
Or maybe your cat is just sitting there staring at nothing with its hair up.

That generally means they see a spirit, whether it’s positive or negative.
Or perhaps your pet didn’t seem to like a particular person?

This one is interesting because it usually means the person they disliked may have some negative energy behind them.

You’ve probably also noticed that animals come to certain people naturally and love being around them.
This can also mean that person has a nice, gentle spirit behind them.

Here’s Something For You

Next time you see a dog or animal reacting at nothing, observe and try to feel if there’s a spirit around.

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