Everyone knows about nature. We all see the beauty in the trees, flowers, grass, rocks, sky, etc.

However, nature is so much more than a beautiful sight!

For example, did you know when you walk in nature on a daily basis, it’s very powerful to your soul and being.

The thing is, when you take the time to relax and connect with nature and Mother Earth, there’s many wonders you’ll find! Let’s explore this now.

How Is Walking In Nature Beneficial?

It’s very beneficial because in our lives, we’re constantly worrying about responsibilities, bills to pay, work, etc. We’re constantly active in our minds, body and never really take the time to connect with Source.

When you walk in nature, this gives you the chance to disconnect from all those distractions in your life and mind.

Taking daily walks in nature helps to relax you and switch off your mind, giving you the opportunity to tap into your subconscious and receive a higher connection with Source.

It gives you a chance to “Just be.” Meaning, living in the moment with a complete stillness and peace of mind.

If you ever want to know how to heal your aura … nature is one of the best ways to do it. Its beauty, stillness and harmony allows you recalibrate and achieve inner peace.

When you take a lot of walks, not only does it help you stay grounded and relaxed, but it even helps your physical health!

How Does It Help My Health?

Every day, you’re constantly on electronics, having lots of thoughts, doing tasks, running errands etc.

By doing any of these things and not taking the time to disconnect from your earthly responsibilities, you’ll inevitably live in your head and slowly disconnect from the Source within you. This’ll leave you very stressed and anxious.

When you take a moment to walk in nature, it gives you a chance to get out of your head, and release any emotions or stresses you had during the day. Remember, there’s no greater healer than nature due to its Divine energy.

As we’ve mentioned before, nature also helps you maintain a strong connection with Source and the higher masters.

How Does It Keep Your Connection?

Source and the higher masters love nature and are very in tune with it.

When you go for your walks in nature, it gives you a chance to call upon light masters to give you great insight and wisdom!

For example, I never used to walk in nature, but as soon as I started doing it:

  • Source was giving me insight on what I could teach and many different ideas.
  • My connection and tapping into the higher realms and masters became easier and more regular
  • My anxiety and stress levels went down tremendously
  • Etc.

Interesting Fact

Connecting with nature also helps you to communicate with the plants and trees!

This is because everything on this earth has a living soul, even if it appears non-living.

As you walk more in nature and give yourself the time to disconnect from your earthly responsibilities and tap into nature’s healing energy, you’ll find the trees, grass and plants will actually start talking to you!

It may sound crazy, but it’s important to listen because they’re extremely intelligent and very much alive!

It’s also because there’s light spirits within the trees, grass and plants which offer great wisdom when tuned into.

Let me give you a real example which happened to me recently.

About a week ago, I actually tuned in and connected with a tree and asked it what I could do to step into a more prophetic path, the clearest messages I got was to:

  • Continue my daily walks in nature
  • Keep my emotions balanced
  • Clear as many energetic blocks as needed
  • And much more!

Amazing isn’t it?!

How Can I Begin My Communication With Nature To Receive Higher Knowledge And Wisdom?

Beginning your journey to connect with nature and communicate is actually quite simple. Here’s a step by step method you can follow every day and apply into your life.

1. Begin your daily walk in nature

  • No matter how busy your day may be, always find the time to disconnect from your earthly responsibilities and connect with Source)

2. On your walk, find a tree or plant to lie next to.

3. Take deep breaths to get yourself into a deeper brain state.

4. Allow yourself to release any negative emotions and ground yourself

  • Switch off your mind and thoughts
  • Breathe deeply and send love to all the trees and plants
  • Ask from your heart whatever questions you have in mind and feel what they’re saying to you.

5. From there, you can watch the magic take place.

You’ll find as you connect and ground yourself with mother nature more and more, it becomes easier to tune in and gain wisdom from the beautiful trees and plants in our nature!

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