When it comes to spirituality and well-being, we always think of different codes which are bright, colourful and positive because that’s what’s usually promoted.


There are amazing uses for the codes because you do what’s called an optical pineal induction.

We always hear and see Reiki healing courses and stuff like that but now there’s a better way to heal using codes and energy.

I’m going to break down how codes can be used for healing purposes.

There are many codes that can be used. However, the two main codes I recommend starting with are the Tri Veca and Bi Veca Codes.

Let’s take a look at them.

Tri Veca Code:

Why is this code so powerful?

Well, I’ll explain it simply …

The Tri-Veca Code is a code with three circles merging together.

This symbolizes a balance and integration between the past, present and future.

Bi Veca Code:

The Bi-Veca Code is a code with two circles merging together.

This symbolizes the past and future integrating into the present.

This may be profound, but the rumour is …

Jesus Christ came and installed these veca codes into the centre of the earth.

This was done because it’s critical for our ascension as humans and for the earth to go into the next stage.

What’s so significant about the Veca codes?

That raises the question.

What’s so significant about these codes? And how can they be used for healing purposes?

The answer is simple:

Everything on earth emits a certain vibration and frequency …

Sound, light, colors, images, numbers, letters, etc. all produce certain vibrations.

These veca codes convey high frequency colors and are packed with energy from higher dimensions.

The Bi Veca Code comes from the 12th dimension, which is the Christ consciousness dimension.

The Tri Veca Code comes from the 15th dimension, that is, the Rishi dimension.

Whenever you do an energy healing, inhaling the Tri Veca code (or Bi Veca code) into your third eye will give you amazing sensations and help you clear or manifest faster.

It’s powerful for clearing out energetic and etheric blockages.

Medicine has failed to heal people and psychologists have failed to clear people with blockages because they focus on the physical, emotional and mental realm.


By doing this it only reaches the surface of the problem, meaning …

It’s only going to treat the symptoms and not cure the cause.

By contrast

The Veca Codes focus on the etheric or celestial body which is ultimately what makes them so powerful.

Why is that?

The Codes have certain colours that align with healing and contain lots of energy.

For example, the 15th dimension has pink magenta.

That’s why Saint Germain had the violet flame for healing energy, because it came from the 15th dimension.

The Bi Veca Code comes from the 12th dimension which is golden liquid light.

You can even imagine the Codes moving through your body which you’ll really feel a sensation.

One final tip:

Use whichever code you resonate with the most because your energy might not be ready for the higher dimensional ones.

For example, you may find that the Bi Veca Code jumps out at you right now. Use that if so.

By contrast, if the Tri Veca Code is resonating with you, that means you need higher dimensional energy to clear and heal you.

In Conclusion

The reason codes are so powerful in healing is because of the spiritual power and connection with higher dimensions.

The colours used in them and the energy they contain is also powerful.

If you’re keen to heal yourself with the veca codes, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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