Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 23rd August –22nd ‑September, you’re a Virgo.

The Virgo Zodiac sign is symbolized by the virgin, representing innocence, purity, wholesomeness, organization and a love for the world and humanity.

Virgo is the second sign in the earth element, alongside Taurus and Capricorn.

Virgo Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are often very precise, analytical and detailed, as details are very fascinating to them. They’re always paying attention to the smallest details as it helps them understand what’s going on and it puts their mind to ease.

In fact, details are so important to these people they sometimes forget to see the bigger picture.

Their love for detail gives them a natural gift in organizing and managing projects and people.

Virgo is also a sign of service, and it always makes them happy when they’ve helped someone and made them feel good.

At times, they’ll give their all to help others until they’re exhausted which can lead to them feeling overburdened and resentful. They must be mindful of this area and make sure they save time for themselves because they often prioritize others over themselves.

Since Virgo is a sign of service, it’s rare you’ll find a Virgo that’s not loyal.

They love to feel accepted and loved by others because of their soft hearts.

These people are extremely orderly and perfectionists … and a clean environment is important to them. If they’re surrounded by chaos, this’ll cloud their minds and make them feel upset.

They’re very critical-thinkers, which can often make them be seen as “nit-picky”.

By nature, Virgos are very critical on themselves and others. However, they always mean well and do this out of good intention as they desire to see the best in everyone.

Virgos are extremely hard-working people by nature. They’re always active and busy-bodies. Sometimes they overwork themselves too much and need to be mindful of giving themselves rest.

Calming their minds and solitude is really important for a Virgo as their minds are constantly active and analysing everything.

Being an earth sign, there are many different methods they can use to calm their minds and become grounded.

These include relaxing in nature, reading, writing, meditating, etc.

Virgos don’t cope well with stress at all. When they’re stressed, it affects their digestive system which makes them feel nervous and physically weaker.

For Virgos … cleanliness, health and fitness, nutrition, wellness and all green things are interesting to them.

Being a humanitarian, they prefer to seek the good in everyone and everything. They love finding justice and purity in other people.

It’s very rare to find a selfish Virgo.

They heavily dislike conflict and see it as a waste of time.

They love helping others and when they fail to, they can become isolated, critical and judgemental.

Virgos are very goal-oriented people. When they’re planning for success, they pursue it in a very orderly and methodical way.

Virgo Love and Relationships

Virgos have a very soft and vulnerable heart, which is why they need a partner who can give them all the love they need to start feeling safe to open themselves up.

They have very high standards and can be picky when searching for a romantic partner. They’d prefer to be single than someone who’s incompatible to their nature.

They need a partner who can thoroughly romance them and accept their critical and orderly nature.

Because of their loyal nature, it’s unlikely you’ll find a Virgo who likes to have casual flings with multiple lovers, but rather, they’d prefer a stable relationship with one partner.

Virgos need a partner who shares similar traits and qualities to them. They need people around them who are clean, loyal, respectful and intelligent.

They often feel attracted to the other earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) … because they share similar qualities.

Since Virgos are humanitarian by nature … they’re often very good listeners and genuinely care about helping their friends and partners in need.

Because of their loving nature, Virgos tend to serve people without anything in return. Sometimes, they need to accept the support and gifts from those they helped.

In a relationship, Virgos need to feel loved and needed by their partner.

Virgo Career and Finances

Virgos are very practical, analytical and detailed which makes them brilliant at taking care of any problem …

This is why they make brilliant managers. They focus on the tiny details to make a bigger picture project work.

Perfection is expected from their work as they have the most detailed eye out of the 12 zodiacs. They expect the best in everything they do.

They need a career which allows them to express their methodology, order, critical-thinking and exceptional organization skills.

It’s also important for them to be involved in a work which allows them to serve humanity.

This is why they make great careers in anything to do with health & fitness, human relations, doctor, nurse, psychologist, secretary, etc.

Their attention to detail, brilliant management and organizational skills also give them great careers as a financial planner, journalist, PA, etc.

Naturally, Virgos are great at managing money since they love to save. In fact, sometimes they need to make sure they’re not being too stingy. They have a tendency to worry about what might lack for tomorrow.

Virgos are very sensible with their spending and only buy things which’ll be useful to them.

They can be quiet leaders in a work place, with the ability to motivate a team by their actions rather than big lectures or speeches.

Multi-tasking is something you should never make a Virgo do, as they prefer to keep their attention to one thing at a time and put their full focus on it.

It’s important for a Virgo to work in a good environment. When they don’t, their mental state, physical well-being and performance will decline.

Virgo Soul Mission

A Virgo’s soul mission is to become an expert in what they love. They have the ability to maintain focus like no other sign.

Virgos are excellent at sticking to something, even if it’s not necessarily the best route for them in the short term. This mindset and their hard-working nature will allow them to excel in what they love.

This mentality they possess is meant to be shared to the world whether it’s through a book, teaching, etc.

They’re meant to serve as a role model and inspiration in their work field.

In this lifetime, it’s important for them to find an avenue where their service to humanity can be offered. Their greatest joy comes from serving others, in ways that help the person’s body, mind and spirit.

They must learn to stop criticizing others. Without realising, they see others as a mirror to themselves and start calling out people’s flaws based on what they see within their own soul.

It’s crucial for a Virgo to learn to think positively. Their mind actually has a big influence on the state of their physical health.

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