Some of you may have heard about “Ascended Masters”, others may not have.

In this article, we’ll be explaining to you exactly what Ascended Masters are!

What Are Ascended Masters?

They are spiritual masters who have ascended from the earth and moved into higher dimensions in the spirit realm.

Their energy vibrates at a very high level!

There are many ascended masters whose energy vibrates in different dimensions, whether it’s in the eighth dimension, or even as high as the 25th dimension!

Like all of us, all of the ascended masters have different personalities which you can find out when you learn to connect to them through the spirit!

The interesting thing is:

Most of the ascended masters all have been on this earth in a physical body but learnt to clear most of their karma!

Many of the them who are operating in the eighth or ninth dimension have cleared all of their own karma, but they haven’t cleared karma which they may have got from other people.

This is why when you learn to connect with them through the spirit, you can actually help them release their final karma they need to get rid of!

What Can Ascended Masters Do?

All the ascended masters are here to help us!

When you connect with them, you can ask them for guidance and healing!

When you learn to properly meditate and shift your brain state and consciousness, you can even see them energetically or in rare cases; physically!

When you’re connecting to ascended masters, you must connect to the ones which resonate with your energy!

The very great thing when you meet masters operating in dimensions above the 10th, they can actually do very deep healings which physical people don’t see!

They can heal the very deep wounds or blockages which have been stuck in you for a long time that you may not be aware of!

In fact:

Nearly every spiritual healer has an ascended master working behind them to help with their healings whether they’re aware of it or not.

How Do You Connect With Ascended Masters?

The problem is for most people, it’s quite hard to connect to them.

You must learn to meditate properly and alter your consciousness to a deep state, which allows you to completely empty your mind!

It takes full belief and absolutely no doubt in your heart.

You must also clear as much blockages as possible to raise your consciousness. This is so it’s more aligned with theirs.

Sometimes it may take a while for you to learn to connect with ascended masters which resonate with your energy.

This is why you must have patience and be happy to meditate (even if it’s for 15 minutes a day) while you’re practising.

The reason you desire to connect with ascended masters is because they can give you great guidance in your life as well as very deep healings which people on earth may miss!

This is why if you want to get brilliant guidance for your life and very deep healings, you must start practising meditation every day to empty your mind (even if it’s for 15 minutes).

Once you learn to empty your mind, you can then learn how to call in the ascended masters into your consciousness 😊

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