In this article, we’ll be explaining exactly what “Dimensions” are.

What Exactly Are Dimensions?

Dimensions are different realms which exist beyond this planet.

Each dimension has a different level of consciousness and energy level. The higher the dimension is, the more energy and power it has.

For example when you’re on a major spiritual path and you are experiencing a big healing, you’re in a higher dimension than when you’re stuck on this earth with a poor mindset.

Did you know you can access and travel through different dimensions?!

The Earth we live in is only accessing the first, second and third dimensions. This is why Earth is very dense and many people struggle to connect with ascended masters, since the masters operate in the 8th dimension and above.

Let me give an example to make this easier to understand.

Imagine there’s a very intelligent, rich, introverted and well-mannered man called “John”.

There’s also another man called “Chris” who’s had little education, grown up poor, bad-mannered and likes to cause trouble and isn’t willing to change.

Let’s say Chris decided he wanted to start talking to John because he wanted to be like him. Both of them would struggle to relate to each other because of their completely different realities.

This is why the masters aren’t willing to communicate with lots of people on this planet.

Now back to the topic. 😉

The problem is, we tend to only look at what’s in this Earth and never attempt to look beyond.

The truth is there’s actually so many realms and realities above Earth that you can’t put a number on it!

Earth is in one of the lowest dimensions whereas aliens, ascended masters, etc would be in much higher ones since they operate in a much more spiritually advanced world than us.

How Do You Access Dimensions?

Meditation is the best way to access higher dimensions.

You can read our “Simple Meditation Guide” to learn how to start meditating.

In order to access higher dimensions, you have to get into a deep, relaxed and grounded state.

You then set an intention to open up your third eye in the middle of your forehead.

Doing these steps puts you into a trance.

What then happens is your soul will leave your physical body and go into those higher dimensions!

One tip I will give is to ensure you’re protected by higher beings and light masters otherwise dark spirits and masters will go after you and attack you in those Dimensions.

However, this doesn’t happen unless you’re not protected or you allow it.

What Happens When You Access The Higher Dimensions?

A lot happens

When you’re in the higher realms, you can access and gain higher wisdom from Source and the light masters. Here’s a list of things you can do in those dimensions:

  • You can draw and hold the higher frequencies up there.
  • You can receive incredible healings and gain insight from the masters or Source/God on your path and purpose and many different areas of your life.
  • You can find codes or spiritual structures used in the higher dimensions which you can bring into this physical world.
  • You leave your physical body and realize up there, everything is energetic. This means you can teleport, telepathically communicate, fly, manifest at will, etc.

As you go higher and higher in the Dimensions, you see more and more colours, shapes, codes, sounds and much more!

You realize once you clear all your karma and blockages, you can truly ascend up there and become at one with Source again.

When you’re in the higher dimensions, you’re basically in “heaven”.

Interesting Fact:

Each dimension has a different colour to represent it.

Here’s the colours for the 15 Dimensions:

  • Dimension 1 – Red
  • Dimension 2 – Orange
  • Dimension 3 – Yellow
  • Dimension 4 – Green
  • Dimension 5 – Blue
  • Dimension 6 – Indigo
  • Dimension 7 – Violet
  • Dimension 8 – Gold
  • Dimension 9 – Silver
  • Dimension 10 – Blue-Black
  • Dimension 11 – Silver-Black
  • Dimension 12 – White
  • Dimension 13 – Pale Turquoise
  • Dimension 14 – Pale Yellow
  • Dimension 15 – Pale Magenta-Pink

Beyond these dimensions is full of many different colours that you can’t comprehend it.

The reason each Dimension has a specific colour it corresponds to is because each colour has a specific amount of powerful energy.

For example, the Dimensions we’re in (1,2 and 3) is low frequency because this Earth is the lowest Dimensions.

However, Dimensions 12-15 and beyond are very high frequency because of how high up they are.

Interesting isn’t it?

You can access dimensions based on how many DNA strands you have:

In another article, we discussed about DNA Templates.

If you haven’t read about that, click on this text.

When it comes to accessing higher realms and ascension, you do that based on what DNA Template you have.

For example, if you have a 12-Strand DNA Template (most people on the planet have this one), you can access and embody 12 Dimensions of consciousness.

However, if you have an Indigo Type 2 DNA Template, you can access 15 Dimensions!

If you have an Indigo Type 1 DNA Template or beyond, you can access beyond the 15 Dimensions!

Each Of The 15 Dimensions Correspond To Your Chakras:

In another article, we’ve discussed about the different Chakras.

If you haven’t read about them, click on this text to find out more.

Basically the way it works is, there’s 15 Dimensions and you have 15 Chakras.

We’ve discussed about the first 7, but haven’t gone into the 8 higher chakras. These are known as the ‘morphogenetic chakras’.

What that means is each Dimension actually corresponds to each Chakra as well!

For example, Dimension 1 corresponds to your first Chakra, Dimension 2 corresponds to your second Chakra and so on.

Cool isn’t it?!

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