Do you know what Akashic Records are? I’m sure you’ve heard about the them somewhere.

Let me explain:

Think of the Akashic Records like a book of life.

They are energetic and cannot be seen by the physical eye because they are the records of your soul’s journey.

It shows every thought, feeling, deed, etc you’ve done on this earth from when you first came, until you eventually return home.

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It doesn’t matter how old or young your soul is, you’ve always got Akashic Records!

Everything you’ve done in this lifetime; past lives are stored there.

They are even have your possible futures stored there!

It’s incredible isn’t it?

Each soul on this earth has a different Akashic Record, and they are stored in an energetic library, or hall known as the “Akashic Field”, or (zero point field).

Each different book represents your life times.

What Can You Access With The Akashic Records?

Your own Akashic Records are stored in your DNA!

When you learn how to access it, you gain great insight into your life and past lives!

This means you can learn where you went wrong in your past lives, figure out what your life purpose is meant to be, find out what possibly lies ahead of you, and the list goes on.

But did you know?

When you learn to read your Akashic Records, you not only can gain insight on events which happened or are going to happen; you can also gain incredible wisdom!

What Do I Mean By This?

When I say you can gain incredible wisdom, I’m referring to things such as:

  • Finding your life purpose
  • Finding where your soul is from
  • Finding what you did wrong in past lives

And the list goes on!

Knowing your Akashic Records is very useful because you’ll know exactly what karma to clear.

An Interesting Fact:

Did you know you can not only access your own Akashic Records?

When you learn to master it, you can actually access other people’s too!

It’s astonishing right?

In Conclusion

We all have our own Akashic Records, which are stored in an energetic library where each book represents one life time.

When you learn to access them, you can gain brilliant insight of your spiritual self and who you really are!

They are stored in your DNA and it’s just a matter of learning to truly connect to it!

When you learn to master your own Akashic Records, if you feel it’s right for you, you can learn to access other people’s ones!

In fact, for those of you who want to learn how to access them and know there is more to life than death:

I recommend you purchase this book and have a read.


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