I’m sure you’re wondering, “What is an Indigo Child?”.

So in this blog, we will be explaining what Indigos mean, what they are and their divine purpose on this planet.

What Is An Indigo Child?

An Indigo child is someone who possesses special, unusual and sometimes even supernatural traits or abilities.

Indigos in some cases may contain telepathy and usually, they are more empathetic and creative than their peers.

Usually if you’re a spiritual being, you will be an Indigo Child.

If not, you may also be an Angelic Human.

Indigos are on this earth to help shift the consciousness of the planet.

An interesting fact about Indigos is nearly all of them have been diagnosed with labels such as “ADHD, ADD” etc. 

Indigos are here to help the world and often are very intuitive, highly psychic and are very good healers.

Another Interesting Fact:

Most of the 60s rebels and 70s hippies are Indigos would you believe? In the 60s, there was a huge rebel movement that started. In the 70s, a huge hippie movement started.

Unfortunately, society was so unevolved and frozen and was unable to accommodate it, so they labelled the whole movements as negative and eventually pushed them aside.

There are 3 types of Indigos:

Blue printers:

Blue printers are on this earth to help awaken all the other Indigos and reconstitute the blueprint and DNA of the whole planet and bring back the planet to its original form.

Indigo Type 2 – who have a 24 strand DNA template:

The purpose of Indigos type 2 is to bring back to 12 DNA strand template back to all of the earth.

And Indigo Type 3 – who have a 48 strand DNA template:

Indigo Type 3s were put on this planet with the purpose of solving the polarity in the earth.

In Conclusion

There are 3 types of Indigo children who are spiritual beings put on this earth to help the planet shift and evolve.

There are ways you can determine whether or not you’re an Indigo child, so if you’d like to have a look:

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This will explain to you some characteristics of an Indigo which you can read and examine yourself.

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