Rescuing is a topic which isn’t taught about very often.

And no, it’s not the rescuing you’re thinking about.

There’s another side of rescuing you must learn to keep evolving.

You see, every day, you most likely rescue people more than you need, especially if you’re an empath.

What Does This Mean?

We briefly covered on this topic on our “Drama Triangle” article.

However, we’ll be elaborating more about rescuing in this article.

Whenever someone is caught up in their own troubles or going through challenges, we tend to “help” them by providing solutions, answers and trying to be the “hero”.

Let me break this down.

There’s a guy named Jack who has been very sick and blocked energetically, but refuses to let anybody help him.

He’s in constant pain, and hasn’t dealt with past emotional problems.

However, there’s another man named Eric.

He feels extremely bad for Jack.

So, he decides to make an effort to heal Jack.

What Does He Do?

Eric comes by to Jack’s house and says he’ll help him out of the sickness.

Jack however makes it clear he doesn’t want or need any help.

Then Eric starts giving him all sorts of advice, prays for him, tries to help in every way possible.

It sounds like he’s doing a “Good Samaritan” deed right?

That, however, is quite the contrary.

Here’s Why

If you read and assess the situation, you’ll see Jack clearly doesn’t want help and never asked for it, but then Eric tried to help, or “rescue” him anyway.

This is a bigger problem than you realize.


Because not only will Jack be frustrated with Eric and feel agitated, but Eric will lose energy and create one big drama triangle.

What’s This “Drama Triangle”?

It’s quite a roller coaster, but here’s an idea of what will happen.

Eric will feel resentment and unappreciated because he knows subconsciously that Jack is resisting and clearly doesn’t want the help.

Jack in turn will either feel even more resentful, or he’ll feel guilty about the whole thing.

What then happens is Eric will get upset with Jack, talk about how he’s only trying to help and that he deserves some special reward, and Jack will feel guilty, and everything would break out full circle.

Hopefully, you get the picture here.

On top of that, Eric will be constantly tired and low on energy, plus there’s a possibility he’ll be depressed too, but that’s not the only effects.

What Other Side Effects Are There?

Eric already has his own problems to deal with.

Rescuing Jack means he’ll now take on whatever issues Jack is dealing with.

As you can imagine, that’s not a good thing.

He’ll also be prone to mood swings, emotionally out of whack and ultimately, a huge decline health-wise.

How Do You Deal With Rescuing?

The first thing to realise is, there’s a difference between genuinely helping somebody and rescuing someone.

Here’s what I mean:

An example of helping would be if someone had just lost a loved one and needed some support. That would be genuinely helping somebody.

By contrast, if someone is ok and really doesn’t need healing, but you do it anyway, that’s rescuing.

Another example of rescuing is when someone is clearly going through troubles as part of their life learnings, and then you come and try to give them all the answers to what they’re going through.

You didn’t let them learn by themselves.

Remember, everyone is on their own journey and learning at their own pace.

One final example of rescuing is if someone only wants a listening ear, but you decide to bombard them with suggestions and advice.

Empaths and healers will especially have more challenges dealing with this, but sometimes, it’s actually best to feel the side effects of rescuing to learn the truth.

However, if you can, deal with it now, otherwise it’s much more difficult in the long run.

If you’re keen to stop rescuing and start genuinely helping, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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