When it comes to balancing your chakras you may be thinking that everything will be great afterwards, which is true, but what people don’t realize is there are also certain challenges you must face. Hence, having a full understanding of what to expect after chakra balancing is crucial if you decide to experience this process.

Making the decision to re-balance your chakras is obviously a great one since most people don’t even know what they are (let alone getting them back into balance). However, just as importantly, you should always know what to expect afterwards otherwise you’ll be caught off guard and as you can imagine, it potentially could be a rough ride.

In today’s world and for centuries, humanity has been very blocked in the chakras due to a lack of knowledge and connection to the spiritual aspect of life amongst other reasons, usually all 15 of them are blocked! Without having that spiritual connection, it inevitably results with everyone being stuck in the first 3 chakras (survival, sexual, power). In other words, caught in the more primitive side of our nature.

As you can imagine, balancing your chakras is crucial to break out of the 3D world and reconnect to the higher masters and dimensions. Not only that but it also helps you discover your true soul and purpose for this planet. That’s only to name a few of the extraordinary benefits!

Now … when you gain a true understanding of what to expect after chakra balancing … it helps tremendously with your ascension journey. It will even strengthen your aura as opposed to damaging it.

There’s a saying which goes, “what you resist, persists”. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Yet so many people are ignorant of this simple remark. The messages basically conveys that if you try to resist the challenges, they manifest in a darker form, or continue to linger in your life.

What Do I Mean By “Manifesting In A Darker Form?”

Simply, that means instead of experiencing the challenges in a smoother, quicker, and less painful way, it’ll be a build up to a catastrophic event which could be anything from a major health crisis, toxic relationship, losing everything or something else related. In other words, if you resist or avoid problems which come up instead of dealing with it, there’ll be disastrous consequences.

I’m sure you can see what I mean, it’s far better to deal with stuff that comes up no matter how challenging or difficult it gets because although the short-term isn’t pretty, the long-term results are worth it. “Short term pain for long term gain” is a simple affirmation I like to go by.

Think of this like a caterpillar metamorphosis, the process of becoming a butterfly is painful but in the end they evolve into a beautiful and marvellous creature. Would you agree the change in this is remarkable and amazing?

When balancing your chakras, although you’ll feel great for a while, it’s inevitable that challenges and old baggages will come up for you to deal with. One cannot be exalted unless first humbled.

Think of it like your favourite video game. Just when you think you’ve passed one level, another one even more challenging than before awaits you. Likewise, this is what happens when you decide to balance your chakras.

Once you know what to expect after chakra balancing, everything will change in your life for the better. You’ll no longer resist toxic things which come up … in fact, when you start accepting for what is, you may find you’ll welcome the challenges to make you stronger and tougher!

To face the challenges head on rather than resisting or running away from it, you must accept and surrender after balancing your chakras because anyone can learn this knowledge, but few people are able to truly apply it.

How Do You Stop Resisting When Challenges Come Up?

The major key of dealing with challenges is being able to accept and surrender yourself to Source and the higher masters, allowing them to be a guide whenever challenges come up to be dealt with. Rather than only dealing with stuff coming up on a surface level, dive deep and allow all of it to come up.

You can think of this like an iceberg, the problem with most people is they’re only looking at the surface when in reality there’s so much more hidden underneath. In other words, they don’t dive to the source of whatever issues are coming up but instead put a band-aid on it if that makes sense.

Here’s some other ways to quell any resistance:

As you know now, the big key is to accept and surrender yourself, but there are some other methods which can quicken the process and help you to dive deeper and really deal with the source of all issues rather than just putting a band-aid on it. Quick fixes never work as you’ve probably figured out by now.

Even some life transformation coaching can significantly help you in this process as you get assistance and healing from energy masters who have personally experienced this and helped others do the same.

In the end the best way to deal with any resistance to challenges coming up is by trial and error which means everyone has their own interpretation and way of accepting and surrendering themselves. Basically it’s up to you to find yours and stick to that.

How Do You Balance Your Chakras?

How To Balance Your Chakras

There are different ways you can do it but ultimately when you experience this process, it’s crucial your knowledge around chakras is respectable because when you understand how each one works, it helps drastically with mapping out and dealing with any issues and shadows going on within you.

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It all begins with constantly working on yourself and staying connected to Source and the higher dimensions, or in other words doing regular clearings and listening to any messages or instructions given by Source and the higher masters. Basically, growing and evolving every day as opposed to being comfortable and complacent.

Here are some other ways you can balance your chakras:

  • Keeping your emotions under control and balanced
  • Speaking your truth no matter what
  • Walking in nature
  • Escaping the mind and diving into your heart

Due to the fact chakras are your energy centres, it’s important they stay balanced otherwise they’ll become blocked or overactive. Neither extreme as you can imagine is good at all, doing regular auric clearings also help to keep your chakras balanced. In other words, you need your chakras to be clean so your life force energy can flow through.

How Do You Face The Challenges After Balancing Your Chakras?

By now you should know the importance of understanding what to expect after balancing your chakras. Don’t get caught out and experience a rough ride. When you expect challenges and welcome them, life becomes much easier and although they’ll still be very unpleasant and hard, it’ll pass much faster.

After balancing your chakras you’ll feel freer and great for a while but inevitably old patterns and issues you’ve buried in the past will surface to be dealt with. The worst thing you can do is resist or avoid it. As mentioned earlier the key to being able to face these challenges is accepting and surrendering yourself.

Practising auric energy healing and other frequency work can help speed up the process but ultimately it’s up to you to just allow the challenges and stuff coming up to pass through. In Lord of the Rings Sam quoted that “even darkness must pass”, so to go high and pave the way for a better life, you must also face adversaries and challenges.

It may seem unfair while you’re experiencing all the nasty old baggages coming up but once you feel the results afterwards, you’ll find it was definitely worth your while. Think about it like business owners, they didn’t just wake up one day with millions of dollars, there were lots of hardships and challenges they had to go through to create something that worked!

Can you see the point here? By staying calm and allowing the challenges to come up and even welcome them, you’ll become stronger, tougher, more humble, appreciative and ultimately, balanced in all areas of your life including a strong connection to Source as well as your own purpose and who you are!